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P-9177-17WilliamPenn-350wideThe American Studies program offers students an interdisciplinary liberal arts education. Students in American Studies engage in a challenging exploration of historical and contemporary American culture and the American multicultural identity, including its past and present values, conflicts, and experiences. Working closely with an advisor who is a core faculty member in American Studies, students design their course of study around three core courses; an individualized set of area requirements in American history, literature, and Arts and/or Social Sciences; and a thesis requirement.

American Studies prepares students for career opportunities in elementary and secondary education; graduate school; law school; business; work in libraries, museums, and historic preservation; newspaper, magazine, broadcast journalism; film or media work; work in federal, state, and local agencies, both public and private; government and politics; nonprofit organizations; writing, editing, and publishing; international relations and diplomacy; public relations and advertising; and social services.

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New Course: American Property Rights Traditions


Eusebio Kino (1644-1711). “Via Terrestis in California . . . Anno 1698 ad annum 1701″ (Library of Congress)

Marie Duggan, Associate Professor of Economics, will be teaching an exciting new course in the spring of 2015. The cross-listed course, Economics 355: American Property Rights Traditions / AMST 390: American Property Rights Traditions, offers students a comparative study of property rights of New England with those in the Spanish Borderlands and the pre-Civil War South.  The course will introduce students to Spanish corporate law to explain why Native American communities retained land in the Spanish Borderlands while tending to lose land in New England.

Professor Duggan plans to offer the course every other spring semester. Questions about the course may be directed to mduggan@keene.edu.

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