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Embed a Picasa Slideshow in Blackboard or on a Blog

Complete directions here:

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Braille Music

How does a blind music student complete music assignments involving written music scores? With a team of dedicated and persistent faculty and disability counselors, a student worker, two software programs and a Braille printer. When Alex Krauth started her freshman year … Continue reading

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Screen Toaster

by Matthew Ragan What is this, and What is it good for?! ScreenToaster is a web based service that allows you to create and host screen casts online. What, you might be asking, is a screen cast?! What a wonderful … Continue reading

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Easing Student Fears about Publicly Posted Material

By Matthew Ragan “If I post something publically on YouTube, what if my mistakes go viral and haunt me forever?” Viral videos: the spread by-the-net short clips that usually involve something spectacular or someone doing something funny, foolish, or painful. … Continue reading

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Creating a Survey using Google Forms

The steps to creating a survey using Google docs forms are well documented already. Therefore, I’ll just point you to some good step-by-step directions and then fill in with how to distribute the survey, view the responses and close the … Continue reading

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