Flipping a Class

Flipping a class is the process of providing students with content, often lecture-demonstration content, outside the class and then applying the concepts in class. The “flip” is that the student does the “homework” in class.

Prof. Dick Jardine explains how he does it in his Numerical Methods class:


Prof Jardine describes the multiplicity of learning tools he makes available to his students to learn concepts before class:

What goes on in class? The fun stuff. Applying the principles to real-world examples like snow boarding and animations.

UC Santa Barbara Prof. Roger Freedman talks about flipping his Physics class in this video.
If you want to join a community  for those interested in flipping, The Flipped Class Network is available at http://vodcasting.ning.com/
Picture Credit: jeffcapeshop http://www.flickr.com/photos/65395926@N00/450922490/

Prof. Jardine’s presentation, titled Can YouTube replace the Chalkboard?, was part of The Secret Revolution, Faculty Showcase which took place on February 18, 2011 at Keene State College, sponsored by the Center for Engagement, Learning and Teaching.

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