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  1. Lisa Hix says:

    What are “Adaptive Release Rules for Content ”
    in Bb?
    When exporting and importing a course

  2. jbrophy says:

    With adaptive release rules you set times for content to become automatically available in a BlackBoard course. You can copy the timing from course to course.

  3. Dottie Bauer says:

    Can you explain why some “group” File Exchange lists are arranged by date and others are not? Within the same course I find the list of documents in random order for one student and in chronological order for another one. I know how to order them by dates, but don’t understand why they don’t stay that way. Any insight will be appreciated.

    • Judy Brophy says:

      BlackBoard says “Files appear in the order they were uploaded” which is true to a point. They seem to alphabetize by title after that. However, you can sort by file name, posted by or date posted by clicking on the title of the column and then clicking on the triangle next to the column title.