CELT Newsletter

 Volume 1, Number 1 (August 2010) is here: v1n1

9/3 WLSpeed Geeking with CELT – Like Speed Dating, this Working Lunch will give you a chance to get to know the CELT staff and should you find one (or more) you would like to spend more time with, phone numbers and contact information will be exchanged. (Facilitators – CELT staff)

9/10 FFTechnology Enabled Collaboration and Wikis – While many people are familiar with Wikipedia, the practical application of a course Wiki remains elusive. We will talk about both the benefits and limitations of a wiki, experiment with collaborative web tools, and work in small groups to develop practical implementation strategies. (Facilitator – M. Ragan)

9/17 FFFacilitating Classroom Interaction with Structured Discussion Techniques Whether it is due to unprepared students, lack of ground rules, corrosive reward systems, or student power struggles, classroom discussions often fail. There is no single way to guarantee successful discussions, but there are ways to structure discussion that avoid some of the most common pitfalls. This session will discuss why discussions fail, what democratic discussion looks like, and will introduce some easily replicable techniques that can be used to ensure more productive and rewarding classroom discussion. (Facilitator – M. Caulfield)

9/24 FFUsing Your Head(set)-With a headset you can add your voice to just about anything you can display on a computer screen.  We’ll use Jing, a screen capture program, to create memorable (and replayable) project directions and short demonstrations. And we’ll use VoiceThreads, an audio discussion tool, to critique a graph, a picture, an idea or even a short video. (Facilitator – J. Brophy)

10/1 FFUsing Social Media to Empower Students to Make a Difference  In this session we will discuss the current landscape of social media in education and how ubiquitous social technologies such as Google Applications are being leveraged to meet course learning outcomes and make a difference in the community.  (Facilitator – J. Darrow)

10/8 WLWhat IS Experiential Education, and What Does it Have to Do with YOU? Come participate in a discussion about the 4 areas of Experiential Education identified for the faculty to peruse/work with and take away related resources. (Facilitator – B. Hickam)

10/15 FFIs This on the Syllabus? Some General Guidelines for Syllabi Construction. What should be on a syllabus? Are there places to go for “boilerplate” language on policy? Are there ways to see how other people have structured the same class? Should learning outcomes be on the syllabus, and if so, what should they look like? All this and more will be dealt with in this collaborative working session. Bring your syllabus! (Facilitator – M. Caulfield)

10/22 FFEmpowering KSC Students through Experiential Education- Where are we, and where are we going?  In the session we will discuss the Experiential Education survey results and look at tools, opportunities, and possible obstacles for moving forward.  I would also like to discuss/dialogue intersections with social justice, citizenship, civic engagement, etc.  (Facilitator – B. Hickam)

FF (Faculty Friday) – 10 am-12 pm in Huntress 12

WL (Working Lunch) – 12-1pm in Huntress12

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