May 26th, 2011

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•  Weekly Reader
•  New Faces, New Places
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Weekly Reader

Summer is here, and some things slow down around campus.

But over here at Campus News, the presses keep rolling! As we did last summer, we’ll continue to publish every week.

Please help out by continuing to send news of events on campus, professional activity, and anything else you think the faculty/staff community should be kept abreast of.

Your guidelines, as always (also found on the “Getting your info into CN” page of the Campus News site):

  • Do a short writeup of your event or information. Make sure you’ve got all the pertinent information included.
  • Send it to Do not send it to the individual e-mail addresses of the folks who work on Campus News; your item may still make it into CN, but it also may get lost in one of those individual e-mail inboxes.
  • The deadline for each Thursday’s issue of Campus News is the Monday before at noon. Items submitted early are welcome; please specify which week you’d like your item to run, if it isn’t the current one.
  • If you’re sending Family News not about your own family, Marketing and Communications will need to check with the affected individual before putting it in CN. If you want to avoid a time lag, check yourself and include the e-mail trail when you submit the item.
  • Marketing and Communications staff reserves the right to cut or edit Campus News items for style, content, and length.
New Faces, New Places

From Karyn Kaminski, Human Resources:

Please welcome the following newly hired staff member to the KSC Community:

  • Melissa Lombard, Research Associate, Environmental Studies

Also, Nathan Gordon has accepted a position as a Coordinator of the First Year Residential Experience (PAT) in the Office of Residential Life. Nate was formerly working as a Residence Director.

Please be sure to congratulate Nate on his promotion!

Keene State Image of the Week

Photo by Ben Caulfield

Photo, as usual, borrowed from the Keene State Candid Campus gallery. Did we catch you?