Jim Waller Commended by California Senate

Dr. James Waller, Cohen Endowed Chair of Holocaust and Genocide Studies and author of Becoming Evil: How Ordinary People Commit Genocidewas commended by the California State Senate at the Third International Conference on Genocide, Negationism, Revisionism, Survivors’ Testimonies, Eyewitness Accounts, Justice and Memory on November 2-4, 2011.

California Senate Resolution No. 2266 states, “Resolved by President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate Darrell Steinberg, that, upon the occasion of the 3rd International Conference on Genocide held at California State University, Sacramento, he commends Dr. James Waller for his tireless efforts to end genocide, both now and in the future, takes this opportunity to honor those who have survived, and pay special tribute to those who have lost their lives, to the indescribable brutality and torment of the crime of genocide, and joins with Californians in the common purpose of remembering and forcefully condemning the atrocities committed against these people so as to guard against repetition of the crime of genocide.”

Dr. Waller also serves as an Affiliated Scholar with Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation in New York.

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Fr. Patrick featured in Moment Magazine

Father Patrick and his work are profiled in the latest edition of Moments Magazine.  The article can be viewed online at http://www.momentmag.com/moment/issues/2011/12/desbois.html

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Fr. Desbois in the News

Father Desbois’ visit to the Cohen Center and Keene State College on October 10, 2011 is featured in the current edition of the Yahad-In Unum Newsletter.    The newsletter also can be accessed by clicking on the following link:  Yahad- In Unum News.

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Cohen Center Recognized As Training Center

The Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies has been one of the centers/museums selected to pilot the Anti-Defamation League, the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation Institute and Yad Vashem’s Multimedia Curriculum on the Holocaust, Echoes and Reflections.

The Cohen Center is recognized as an “Echoes and Reflections Approved Training Center” and will deliver workshops to the New England region.

Heading this pilot program will be Glenda McFadden, Cohen Center and Jewish Foundation for the Righteous Lerner Fellow, who received training in New York City. Glenda is a recipient of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous’ Goldman Award for Excellence in Holocaust Education and teaches at Nashua (NH) Catholic Junior High School.

We will be announcing upcoming Echoes and Reflections workshops.

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James Waller at the 2011 Monadnock Summer Lyceum

Listen to the talk, “Bringing Elsewhere Here: Why War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide Matter” delivered at the Monadnock Summer Lyceum.

Dr. James Waller is the inaugural Cohen Chair for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Keene State College.

Listen here

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Special Concert: “Kaddish – I am Here” Performed at Yad Vashem

From the Yad Vashem website:

On September 8, 2011, a unique concert featuring the stirring words of Holocaust survivors, performed by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra – IBA, soloists and choirs from Israel and the United States, and conducted by Gil Shohat took place at Yad Vashem. The concert took place in the presence of Holocaust survivors and their families, and official State guests, including members of the Diplomatic Corps. It was the Israeli premiere of the piece. Read more

Video [1:06:44]

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Remembering the White Rose

Although the White Rose (die Weiße Rose) existed for only 9 months, their legacy has endured since Nazi authorities brought leaders to trial in 1943 and executed them for daring to call their fellow citizens to resist the crimes of the Nazi state.

Last year, the Cohen Center utilized the symbolism of the White Rose to frame our presentation of the Hildebrandt and Herman Awards and to remind ourselves of the difference we can make in the world when we choose to live and act on behalf of others. This year’s Cohen Center Recognition Dinner and Awards evening was similarly framed as we invited our guest speaker, Dr. Jud Newborn, an expert on the White Rose, to remember their witness and to help us grasp the fuller significance of their legacy.

White Rose members, from left to right, Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst.

The White Rose was the code name adopted by a group of medical students and their sympathetic philosophy professor at the University of Munich in Nazi Germany from June 1942 to February 1943. These students (among them brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl) felt compelled to raise their voices to protest the frightening environment in which they lived and studied.

They met secretly to express their fears and concerns about the society evolving around them. Eventually, they wrote essays they published anonymously in leaflets that they distributed, first in Munich, where most of them were studying medicine, and later traveling to other cities to mail them to persons they had selected from the phone book.

Their essays challenged their fellow students and others to resist the propaganda they were being handed by the government and to resist the policies of the Nazi regime by distributing their pamphlets and promoting other forms of political dissent.

Arrested in February 1943, the Scholls and their colleague, Christoph Probst, were tried, sentenced, and immediately executed by decapitation. The remaining core members of their group were soon apprehended, arrested, and tried for treason. According to the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, “Of the groups in Germany that opposed Hitler’s dictatorship, only one, code-named ‘White Rose,’ openly protested the Nazi genocide against the Jews.”

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Donor Honor Roll

The Cohen Center is grateful for the assistance from our many donors, both those who financially help and those who help in other ways. Without you, our important work “To Remember … and to Teach” would not be possible.

Listing Donors in Fiscal Year July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010

  • Annmarie and Earl Adreani
  • Alan M. Alpert
  • Alvirne High School
  • Amherst Middle School
  • Amherst PTA
  • Anonymous (4)
  • Ralph H. Baer
  • Linda J. Baker
  • Phyllis A. Barber
  • Margaret A. Barrett ’74
  • Louette D. Bartol ’56
  • Sarah K. and Richard L. Bayles
  • Joanna M. Beam
  • Phyllis Benay
  • Lynn and Kenneth D. Bergman
  • H. Neil Berkson
  • Matthew D. Berman
  • Barbara A. Berntsen ’99
  • Alyse and Paul C. Bettinger
  • Elaine H. and Paul D. Bieber
  • Selma and Norman Blacker
  • Kathi Borden and Greg M. Blair
  • David H. Blair
  • Carolyn A. and Michael E.J. Blastos
  • Joan V. Gallos and Lee G. Bolman
  • Sylvia D. and Roy T. Bonaccorso
  • Michelle J. and Edwin F. Bourassa, Jr.
  • Stephen B. Bragdon
  • Gloria and Harry Bruns
  • April M. Buchanan Cain
  • Megan Burke Kidder
  • Ann F. and Theodore E. Burnham
  • Nancy E. Butterfield ’71
  • Thomas J. Carraher Jr ’69
  • Nancy W. and Andrew E. Carson
  • David Caruso
  • Barbara S. and Stanley Charkey
  • Cheshire Health Foundation
  • Chester Academy
  • Iris S. and Gordon Chimes
  • Marjorie A. Margolis and Richard Chisholm
  • Tere and Robert Clarkson
  • Joan and Philip T. Coggin
  • Ruth and Arthur E. Cohen
  • Susan and James R. Cohen
  • Claire and Joseph Cohen
  • Norma R. and Lester Cohen
  • Janet L. and Richard B. Cohen
  • Barbara A. Cohen
  • Patricia S. and John J. Colony III
  • Congregation Ahavas Achim
  • Cooperative Middle School
  • Harvey A. Creem
  • Stephen P. Crosby
  • Celia and A. Ranger Curran, Sr.
  • Sharon J. Day
  • Ronald Deeter II
  • Ashley Deeter
  • Laura Della Santa
  • Brenda Diederich
  • Linda A. Dixon
  • Daniel Donnellan
  • Jacob Drory
  • Andrea and Edward C. Dupont
  • Mark G. Edelstein
  • Fran Egbers
  • Susan Loman and Peter J. Eisenstadter
  • Peter J. Eisenstadter
  • Eileen Eisner
  • Thelma R. and Saul Ellerin
  • Kathleen A. Ellis ’88
  • Phyllis Eluto
  • Pamela and Luis Englander
  • Alfrieda J. ’86 and Robert J. Englund
  • Rachael Erwin ’90
  • Cynthia R. and Thomas M. Ewing
  • Dafna Eylon
  • Claire B. and John R. Fabian
  • Linda Heimerdinger and William S. Faulkner
  • Harriet A. Feinberg
  • Bernice R. Feld
  • Rhoda and Fred Feldman
  • Vincent J. Ferlini
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Nona P. and Lorne M. Fienberg
  • Bette G. and John D. Finnern
  • Ellen and W Burns Fisher
  • Eugenie Euskirchen and Peter Fix
  • Erika M. Radich and Leonard E. Fleischer
  • Melany Kahn and Bo Foard
  • Mary A. ’61 and Frederick J. ’57 Fosher
  • Betty and Ben Freedman
  • Melissa and Vincent Freelove, Jr.
  • Susan and Kevin Frewert
  • Marjorie L. and Joel S. Friedman
  • Alice K. and Gilbert L. Fuld
  • Robert T. Gannett
  • Karen G. Copetas and Joseph Garcia
  • GDF Suez Energy North America, Inc.
  • Renate L. Gebauer
  • Jeanette Gelt
  • Esther and Bernard Gert
  • Robert Gewanter
  • Rosemary Gianno
  • Helen F. Giles-Gee
  • Renee B. Glazier
  • Lara A. and Mike Gleason
  • Evie K. Gleckel
  • Linda and Robert E. Golden
  • Myrna Goldenberg
  • Sonia P. and George J. Goldsmith
  • Marcia Goldsmith
  • Jane Goodman
  • Dorothy Gorenflo
  • Elaine F. and Werner F. Gossels
  • Ethel E. Gould
  • Rebecca S. and Alan J. Green
  • Barbara L. and David J. Green
  • Elinor P. and Leonard S. Green
  • Loretta R. and Ernest M. Greenberg
  • Marilyn and Lawrence E. Greenspan
  • Erika G. ’74 M’91 and Mitchell H. ’74 Greenwald
  • Greenwald Realty Associates
  • Leonard Grob
  • Kathleen R. and Mark Gross
  • Susan C. and Daniel C. Gruber
  • Gruber Foundation
  • Jeanne B. and James Grubman
  • Linda C. Guerra
  • Eva G. and Simon V. Haberman
  • Sharon Saline and Kenneth M. Hahn
  • Patricia H. and William C. Hamlin
  • Evelyn Hammerman
  • Hampton Academy Junior High School
  • Sally and John P. Hansel, Jr.
  • Nancy W. ’86 and H. Roger Hansen
  • Sarah Harbrook
  • Carrie and Scott C. ’93 Hargraves
  • Kimberly T. Harkness ’85
  • Tamara and Reuben T. Harris
  • David E. Harvey
  • Gary L. Hedden
  • Susan L. Hedden
  • Susan M. Henrichs
  • Peter Hereld
  • Irene M.H. and Christopher Herold
  • Melissa R. Herman and Michael C. Herron
  • Jane T. Herron
  • Lillian B. and Ernst Herzberg
  • Margaret and William Heyman
  • Judith M. Hildebrandt
  • Wilma A. and David S. Hill
  • Margie and Jay Hodes
  • Jean W. and John E. Hoffman, Jr.
  • Carrie L. and Stephen F. Hoffman
  • Carolyn S. and Philip Hollman
  • Ann and John Holt
  • Chrisi G. and Richard E. Hopper
  • Vesta A. ’76 and Charles E. Hornbeck
  • Kathy and Thomas Hornbein
  • Laura E. Horowitz
  • Grace Horowitz Ittleman
  • Roberta and Joseph Howard
  • Hudson Memorial Middle School
  • Frances Martine ’02 M’06 and Wayne Imon
  • Institute for Social and Economic Research
  • Investment Management Consultants Association
  • Carolyn Isaak
  • Jacob J. Lichman Irrevocable Memorial Trust
  • Ann F. and Carl B. Jacobs, Sr.
  • Ruth F. and Carl B. Jacobs, Jr.
  • Rena Jacques
  • James Hogancamp & Associates
  • Jarmany Hill Sound
  • Katie Jarvis
  • Mary E. Jensen ’85
  • Jewish Federation of New Hampshire
  • Kathleen R. Johnson
  • Aaron R. Johnson ’06
  • Elizabeth and James F. ’74 Johnston III
  • James F. Johnston III ’74
  • Judith G. and Robert D. Jolton
  • Constance R. Joyce
  • Carol S. and Kenneth Jue
  • Christine M. ’97 and B. Michael Justice
  • Debra K. Kagan
  • Cheryl J. and Jay V. Kahn
  • Judith J. and Richard L. Kalich
  • Charlotte R. Kapiloff
  • Lillian and Raymond Kellman
  • Kellman Family Fund
  • Carolyn and Stephen L. Kessler
  • Margaret F. M’60 and H. Thayer Kingsbury
  • Pam and Henry F. Knight
  • Sandy and David M. Kochman
  • Gary Kofinas
  • Pia M. Kohler
  • Suzanne S. ’97 and Paul Krautmann
  • Marg and Jack Kruse
  • Marion and Herbert Kummel
  • Rose M. Kundanis
  • Heleen H. and Neal M. Kurk
  • Linda A. ’73 and Thomas C. ’73 Lacey
  • Claudia S. and David A. Ladensohn
  • Leslie Kinney and Michael N. Landis
  • Barbara W. and Stuart Lang
  • Angela Lavigne
  • Leslie Lazarus
  • Leaves of Grass Fund
  • Susan A. and Jack G. Lee
  • Susan Aron Lee Family Fund
  • Sheila and Elihu I. Leifer
  • Gerard Lenthall
  • Rachael M. Summe-Leonard ’91 M’06 and Gregory E. Leonard ’90
  • Gloria and Saul Levenson
  • Marcia M. and Gordon J. Leversee, Jr.
  • Linda and Gerard E. Levesque
  • Bruce LeVine Mellion ’69
  • Carol E. Lewis
  • Stephan Lewy
  • Ali and John Lichtenstein
  • Sally Lifschitz
  • Aaron A. Lipsky ’68
  • Lois London ’88
  • Ellen M. and Christopher W. Lovell
  • Eleanor S. Lyons ’60
  • Diana and Charlton MacVeagh, Jr.
  • Bob Margolin
  • Tevis Margolis
  • Mazal Michal and Daniel S. Mariaschin
  • Robbin Marks
  • Stephanie L. Martin
  • Judith W. and Roger E. Martin
  • Robert D. Marx
  • Sylvia M. and Craig F. McBeth
  • Joan Russell and Chuck McElwain
  • Caryl J. and Daniel J. McPherson
  • Kathryn A. Mead ’94
  • Judith Medalia
  • Suzan Schafer and Woody Meiszner
  • Sedra F. Michaelson
  • Stacy A. Milbouer ’79
  • Susan C. ’69 and Theodore R. ’68 M’93 Miller
  • James S. Miller
  • Geraldine Mittleman
  • Fay L. Montelione ’79
  • Daniella L. Yitzchak and James Moon
  • Margaret and Larry Moore
  • Janet Moore
  • Maxine Mosley
  • Naomi R. and Martin Moss
  • Susan L. Musinsky
  • Susan L. Neuman
  • Anne B. Newcomb
  • Susan B. and Jeffrey P. Newcomer
  • Newfound Memorial Middle School
  • NGM Charitable Foundation
  • Doris M. and Thomas L. Nichols
  • Marilyn and Herbert W. North
  • Charles North
  • Edith and Milton Novak
  • Renee Fox and Rodney G. Obien
  • Jan M. and David Oppenheim
  • Debra L. and Jeffrey P. Otto
  • Oyster River Players
  • Judith L. and Martin H. Packer
  • John R. Pappalardo
  • Barbara A. Patnode
  • Judith H. and Maxwell E. Peel
  • Judith F. Perry ’88
  • Dorothy and Walter R. Peterson
  • Susan J. and James T. Pettapiece
  • Debora B. Pignatelli
  • Jane A. and Leslie T. Pitts
  • Nicole-Marie R. Plourde ’92
  • Gaynelle R. ’99 and Charles C. Pratt
  • David R. Proper
  • Neal R. Pruchansky
  • Laura B. and Michael Redmond
  • Joan L. and Alan L. Reische
  • Eileen and Jack Resnick
  • Mark E. Reynolds
  • Hilda and Hershel M. Rich
  • Barbara C. Roach
  • Timothy N. Robertson ’54
  • Linda L. and Sol Rockenmacher
  • Elaine and Gerald Rosenberg
  • Elizabeth Rosenberg
  • Barbara and Jay Rosenfield
  • Margaret and Barry Rothaus
  • Sandra Rothschild
  • Marc S. Rubenson
  • Sarah N. Rubin
  • Eleanor R. and Alan S. Rudnick
  • Diane E. and Roger W. Ruess
  • Ronald H. Ruffle
  • H. Martin Rumscheidt
  • Margery and Jerome G. Russem
  • Jane D. Rustin
  • Lois H. Ruttenberg
  • Saint James Episcopal Church
  • Steve Salemson
  • SAU 29
  • Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation
  • Mary T. Schelble
  • Michael Scher
  • Sylvia E. and Barry P. Scherr
  • Constance B. Schlegelmilch ’98
  • Sandra L. and Michael A. Schneider
  • Sidney Schoeffler
  • School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Services
  • Arian and Melvin Schuster
  • Joshua L. Segal
  • Jane and Gary M. Shapiro
  • Kimberly and Edward Shepherd
  • Charlotte and Saul Sherter
  • Elaine and Joel Silberberg
  • Paula and Karl Singer
  • Bernice Singer
  • Helen D. Skeist
  • Michele Thomas and Ralph Sommese
  • Trish D. and Noel M. Spear
  • Truda Bloom and Robert Spiegelman
  • David G. Stahl
  • James T. Stamas
  • Randi Stein
  • Dina Burstein and Robert Stern
  • Sydney L. and Jonathan Stern
  • Maureen A. Strapko ’92
  • Student Camp and Trip Advisors, Inc
  • Kay and Jerry P. Tamarkin
  • Wanda R. Tangermann
  • Joan Tapper
  • Ellen L. and Bruce Taub
  • Temple Adath Yeshurun
  • Temple Beth Jacob
  • Stephanie A. Tent ’96
  • Marc P. Tieger
  • Anna L. Tilton
  • Susan B.C. and Gary W. Tochterman
  • Maich Gardner and Edward J. Tomey
  • Shirley Toomim
  • Barbara S. Tremblay ’88
  • Priscilla J. Underwood ’73
  • United Church of Christ
  • Joanne Van Arsdell
  • Eleanor M. Vander Haegen
  • Christopher J. Viens ’94
  • Nancy T. and C. Paul Vincent
  • Phyllis L. Walder ’95
  • Elsa and Barry Waxman
  • Christine H. Weeks
  • Rose and Jerome J. Weinrieb
  • Phyllis ’60 and Michael J. ’59 M’65 White
  • Jennifer J. ’87 and Thomas M. ’95 White
  • Susan L. Whittemore
  • Susan J. Wiles
  • Mara Williams Oakes
  • Lauren E. Willis
  • Judy and Don B. Wilmeth
  • Frances M. and Richard Winneg
  • Judith C. Wisch
  • Frederick S. Wolff Jr
  • Elaine C. and Robert Wooles
  • Ellen M. Wright ’00
  • Mary-Lou S. and Stanley J. H’05 Yarosewick
  • Janet M. Youga
  • Charles G. Zoulias ’67


  • Meagan Blais
  • Ilana Bornstein’s graduation from Lehigh University
  • The Cohens’ 36th wedding anniversary
  • Jan Cohen’s birthday
  • Janet L. and Richard B. Cohen
  • Lester Cohen’s birthday
  • Norma R. Cohen’s birthday
  • Nona P. Feinberg
  • Bernice R. Feld
  • Mitzi Fleischer
  • The Genocide Panel at the United Church of Christ in Keene, Sunday, May 2, 2010
  • Marcia Gewanter
  • Jeanne and James Grubman
  • The Houck family
  • The Knights’ 36th wedding anniversary
  • Rachel Margolis
  • Taylor Mitchell
  • B’nai Mitzvah of Aaron and Rachel Rabinovich
  • Sister Carol Rittner
  • Ashley Roach’s Bat Mitzvah
  • Sharon Rousmaniere
  • Michelle Sigiel
  • Those who teach
  • C. Paul Vincent
  • Theodore Zev Weiss
  • Thomas M. White
  • Fred S. Wolff


  • Daniel Bernhardt
  • Ruth Braun-Hereld
  • Sarah Shatz Buchalter
  • Jonathan Daniels
  • Stella Drory
  • Mendel and Frieda Feldman
  • Malcolm Friedman
  • Susan J. Herman
  • Charles A. Hildebrandt
  • Richard M. Horowitz
  • Karl Heinz Kochmann
  • Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Krakower
  • Mrs. Frances Lewy
  • Mrs. Barbara L. Rumscheidt
  • Rebecca Lee Spitz
  • Judy Tieger
  • James. H. White
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Cohen Center Presents 2011 Awards

On April 11, the Cohen Center hosted the 2011 Hildebrandt and Herman Awards.

The awards are given in honor of two former faculty members at Keene State, the late Dr. Charles Hildebrandt, emeritus professor in Sociology and founder of the Cohen Center, and the late Dr. Susan J. Herman, emerita professor in Management.

Hildebrandt Awards went to

  • Keene State student: Christopher Jennerjohn of Bedford, N.H., for his charcoal drawing, “Looking for Hope”
  • Keene State student: Taylor Mitchell, Holocaust and Genocide Studies major from Winslow, Maine, for her oral presentation, “Testimony”
  • The New England Dance Ensemble of Londonderry, N.H., for the ballet, “A Child’s View of the Holocaust”
  • Brattleboro Union High School student Hannah Early of Williamsville, Vt., for her painting, “Liberation”
  • Chesterfield (N.H.) School sixth-grader Jessica Spear of Spofford for her monologue, “Anne Frank”

The 2011 Susan J. Herman Awards for Leadership in Holocaust and Genocide Awareness were presented to Keene State student and Holocaust and Genocide Studies major Brittney Sousa of Merrimack, N.H., and Keene State Professor of Sociology Dr. Therese Seibert.

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Fifth Summer Institute Begins in July

The fifth biennial residential Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide with Advanced Seminar will be held at Keene State College July 10-16. The program offers expert faculty, room and board, texts and other materials, and participating teachers may choose to apply for graduate credits.

The Institute grounds participants in basic themes of Holocaust and genocide studies while exploring multidisciplinary pedagogical approaches and applications for the classroom and other educational settings. This experience is geared towards teachers, but is open to interested individuals who are motivated by the mission of the Cohen Center and its charge, “To remember…and to teach.”

Graduates of the Summer Institute become Cohen Center Fellows charged with furthering the Cohen Center mission in their schools or communities. To date, in addition to NH educators, the Institute has graduated 84 Fellows from 6 states and 5 countries including Estonia, Germany, Israel, Latvia, and Slovakia. Fellows become part of a professional network of support, encouragement, and pedagogical development.

This Institute’s supporters and partners include the New Hampshire Humanities Council, the Singer Family Foundation, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the U.S. Department of State.

Special guests this summer include Sir Andrew Burns, UK Envoy for Post Holocaust Issues; Stephan Lewy, German child survivor; Tom Weisshaus, Hungarian child survivor; Martin Rumscheidt, child of the Reich; and faculty from the nation’s first undergraduate major in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Keene State College.

For more information on the Cohen Center’s Summer Institutes, contact Tom White at twhite@keene.edu or 603-358-2746.

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