In Memory of Charles Hildebrandt

Charles HildebrandtOne man’s legacy…I am sorry to pass on this sad news of the passing of Chuck Hildebrandt, founder of the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies. Reading the many emails that have come in and looking at the Center around me and my colleagues so dedicated to its mission, I am honored to have known Chuck and to now continuing his work. I first knew Chuck as a father (I graduated high school with his oldest daughter), as a teacher at Keene High (Who was this man brining this topic into the mainstream?), as a student (I took a course!) and then as inspiration. Chuck founded one of the first Holocaust Resource Centers in the United States which was unique in that it was founded by a Quaker and dedicated to having non Jews confront this difficult history. His vision that this is a topic for all humanity is what is reflected in his words in the Cohen Center reading room, “To remember…and to teach”. We are charged to responsibly continue the legacy he has established for us. May his memory be a blessing.

I was just informed that Dr. Charles Hildebrandt’s Memorial Service here at Keene State will be held Monday, November 3 at 4pm in the Recital Hall at Brickyard Arts Center. All those who knew Chuck or hold is legacy dear are invited to join us as we remember the founder of the Cohen Center. There will be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts – especially if you were a former student or colleague. Many funny and warm memories are already being shared. An editorial ran today in the Keene Sentinel honoring Chuck.

Memorial donations can be made online to the Charles Hildebrandt Holocaust Studies Award Endowment. Select “view” on this line: List of Holocaust Center Funds and Endowments.

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