I participated in the Institute for Mathematics History and Its Use in Teaching (IMHT), a two-year sequence of two-week workshops sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Mathematics Association of America held at Catholic University in Washington, D.C. A goal of IMHT was to develop methods for incorporating the history of mathematics into mathematics instruction at all levels, with the intent of enhancing student learning.

A colleague, Amy Shell-Gellasch, from IMHT and I edited a volume published in the MAA Notes series that is a collection of resources for the use of mathematics professors interested in using the relatively recent history of mathematics to enhance student learning. The book was published in 2006 by the MAA.

  From Calculus to Computers      


A second volume was published in 2011.  Special thanks to Grace Peirce for her work on the cover.

I have been a member of the MAA since 1983, and served as a member of the MAA Committee on Teaching Undergraduate Mathematics and the sub-committee on the Use of History in Teaching Mathematics. Additionally, I was a workshop leader with the SAUM  project and a case-study editor for the 2006 MAA publication on assessment of undergraduate mathematics programs.

Supporting Assessment in Undergraduate Mathematics

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