2015 Janet Grayson Lecture

This year the annual Janet Grayson Lecture Grayson will be the Keynote Address at the Medieval and Renaissance Forum.

Coppélia Kahn will be presenting at 4:30 PM on Saturday April 25 in the Mountain View Room on    “The Making of Shakespeares: Commemoration, Cultural Memory, and the Bard”, which examines the practice of commemorating Shakespeare’s birthday–supposedly April 23.  In this lecture, Kahn deals with theories about how events and iconic figures enter into historical memory and how Shakespeare in particular has become such a figure. Kahn is the author of Man’s Estate: Masculine Identity in Shakespeare (1981) and Roman Shakespeare: Warriors, Wounds, and Women (1997). She has published articles on Shakespeare’s plays and poems, and on gender theory, Freud, Jacobean drama, and questions of race and nation in 20th century constructions of Shakespeare. She is co-editor of Representing Shakespeare: New Psychoanalytic Essays (1980); Shakespeare’s Rough Magic: Essays in Honor of C.L. Barber (1985); Making A Difference: Feminist Literary Criticism (1985); and Changing Subjects: The Making of Feminist Literary Criticism (1993). Her current research concerns the creation of Shakespeare as a cultural icon in the 19th and early 20th centuries in discourses of race and empire. In 2009, she was president of the Shakespeare Association of America.

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