Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Michael Antonucci: African-American literature and culture, American ethnic literature, American studies, poetics and urban studies

Dr. Brinda Charry: Early Modern British culture and literature, post-colonial literatures, Indian literatures, literary theory, and creative writing

Dr. Anna Schur : Nineteenth-century British and Russian literature and culture, Dickens, Dostoevsky, representations of criminality in Russian and British literature, law and literature. Web site

Dr. Mark C. Long: American literature from the colonial period through the 20th century, poetry and poetics, Writing and the Teaching of Writing, literary criticism and theory, American studies, literature-and-environment studies. Web site

Dr. Meriem Pagès: Chaucer, Medieval literature, history, and iconography, Medieval and modern images of Islam, Nineteenth- and twentieth-century medievalism, and Irish literature

Dr. Christopher Parsons Secondary English teacher education, university-supported field instruction for beginning teachers, critical literacy studies, English language ideologies, critical gender/masculinities studies, composition practice and theory

Dr. Emily Robbins Sharpe Current research focuses on international and multi-ethnic depictions of the Spanish Civil War. Courses emphasize transnational Anglophone modernism, postcolonial and cosmopolitan theory, Jewish literatures, gender and sexuality, and the digital humanities

Dr. Kirsti Sandy: writing program administration, writing across the disciplines, expository writing, creative non-fiction writing, rhetorical theory, composition theory

Dr. William Stroup: British Romanticism, the Shelleys and Jane Austen, Victorian literature, literature and the environment, including ecocriticism; expository writing, poetry

Dr. Katherine Tirabassi: composition theory and history, creative nonfiction writing, professional writing, literacy theory, writing center and writing across the curriculum theory and practice

Adjunct Faculty

Tracy Botting ( MA/Literature): American Regional Fiction, Women’s Literature, Fiction Writing, Native American Literature, Memoir, Biography

Beth Stickney: 20th Century American Poetry; African-American Modernism and Cultural Theory; American Intellectual History; Cultural Criticism. Feature writing for The Commons, an alternative monthly publication for Windham County, Vermont

Jeff Friedman ( MFA Creative Writing): poetry writing, creative writing, contemporary poetry, contemporary Jewish poetry, fabulism, prose poetry, and flash fiction. Web site

Jack Bouley: Native American and multicultural studies, early 1900s American literature, composition and rhetorical studies

Steve Kessler: American literature and culture from the frontier to the present; film history and analysis, especially film noir and the Western


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