Adam Riffle ’13

Adam Riffle was a senior Geography major at the time of this interview, and has since graduated.  His research project during the spring semester of 2013 revolved around creating a three dimensional model of the Pasterze Glacier in Austria.  This research was in partner with Dr. Klaus Bayr and peer Chris Dunn.  The grant for this research was funded by NASA.

Adam described the methods of the project as, “through the use of topographic maps, remotely sensed imagery, and GIS technologies we [are] creating two 3D models of the glacier from two different times… Our goal is to compare these two models to show the monumental decrease in volume in this time period, [and] our research is aimed to go more in depth into this global warming induced phenomenon.”  When asked about the what the hardest part of the project had been, Adam felt that learning the new software for 3D modeling was most challenging.

Adam hopes to use his knowledge of GIS in a future career and to work outside.


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