Camille Martineau ’13


Camille Martineau was a senior at the time of her interview, and graduated with the class of 2013.  During the spring semester of 2013, Camille had an internship with the Southwest Region Planning Commission in Keene, NH.  The focus of her job was to assist in the community outreach of the Monadnock Region Future Plan.

Camille coordinated community involvement through social media like Facebook and Twitter, as well as conducting “Neighborhood Talks”.  These talks focused on collecting information on how people feel about the Monadnock Region Future Plan and peoples feelings about their communities.

When asked what she felt was the most important thing she had learned in her time with Southwest Region Planning Commission, Camille said, “being able to communicate with a variety of different people is a great skill to possess for this job and for any job for that matter.  In order for other people to care about their community you need to also care, and include them as much as possible in the planning process.”

In the Fall of 2014, Camille will pursue a master’s in Geography at Virginia Tech where she was awarded a research assistantship.


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