Christa McGaha ’13


Christa McGaha was a Geography major who graduated from Keene State College in 2013. During her time at Keene State, she had an internship with the Department  of Public Works for the Town of Peterborough, New Hampshire.  Christa obtained her internship through Dr. Cusack, who put her in touch with Fash Farashashi, the GIS Specialist/IT Coordinator for Peterborough.

During her internship, Christa worked as a GPS/GIS Technician, where she collected GPS points of utility locations throughout the town and create maps using GIS.  She felt that applying GIS skills to real-life situations was one of the most important things she learned.  When asked what she found most challenging, Christa said, “there was a learning curve at first. I was introduced to new GPS software and I was required to do things in GIS that I had never learned in class. It is easier now that I have spent time in the office, but I still often find myself learning new things when I am at work.”

In early 2014, Christa accepted a position with Garmin at their offices in Kansas City, Kansas.

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