Kevin Coles ’13


Kevin Coles was a Geography major who graduated in the spring of 2013.  In January of 2013, Kevin left the United States for the first time to join the Keene State College International Service Trip to Guatemala.  The purpose of this trip was to work on coffee farms, to understand where coffee comes from and the global impact it has.

When asked how the trip impacted him, Kevin said, “first, in a general sense I now think about my belongings and opportunities in life as blessings and I try to not take as much for granted as I used to…  We got our own hands dirty on the farms… and learned the actual amount of time and sweat that goes into each ‘insignificant’ cup of coffee. Since returning home, I have not drank one cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts or from Starbucks, and plan to continue my boycott. I have been telling asmany people as I can about what I learned, and am trying to change peoples thinking and habits about fair trade products such as coffee.”

Kevin encourages others to travel to Guatemala and to look into the International Service Trips that Keene State has to offer.

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