Keene State College fosters, encourages, and promotes student, faculty, and staff involvement within local, domestic, and international communities. We develop and facilitate the provision of community service, service-learning courses, community-based research, and innovative programs and resources. Keene State College is deeply committed to educating toward a lifelong commitment of civic engagement and social responsibility in every member of our community, as stated in our motto, “Enter to Learn Go Forth to Serve.” While the goals are multifaceted, our programs serve to provide knowledge about service resources and community issues in Keene, the Monadnock region, and on the domestic and international scale.

Our Mission

Community Engagement at Keene State College is designed to inspire, teach, and engage students in the processes of leadership and citizenship by creating a framework in which faculty and students can connect in the exchange of knowledge and resources with local, domestic and international partners.

Through meaningful community experiences, research, and seminars, students will:

• Develop a personal understanding of the processes and purposes of leadership and citizenship;
• Apply and practice leadership through community experience, guided reflections, and group work;
• Explore leadership in relation to community development and public policy ;
• Critically evaluate and reflect on personal roles in the community;
• Explore and develop the skills necessary to be effective in the leadership process through field experience.


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