Student Financial Center

Financial Literacy Statement:
We believe that Financial Literacy is the ability to read, understand and communicate personal financial matters. Financial Literacy includes the ability to make educated financial choices, understand the current financial and economic environment, and strategically plan for one’s future. We hope that given our resources and support we can make these decisions comfortable for all individuals and increase financial literacy throughout our community.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to provide individuals with the information, resources, and support needed to make sound financial decisions. Our plan is to educate our students, faculty, and the community on the importance of financial literacy throughout their lives. We hope to enable these individuals with the power to succeed within their own lives through knowledge. We hope that by taking advantage of this knowledge they will hold the tools necessary to succeed in life.

The center provides workshops and seminars for students interested in making sound financial decisions and managing their financial resources wisely throughout life.

For more information about the Financial Management Center please contact: Professor Beth Brown

at 358-2618 or

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