Strategic Plan

The Deparment of Management continually seeks to improve the quality of its program at Keene State College.  The department utilizes strategic planning as an essential component in a continuous improvement process.  This process involves gathering information from various stakeholder groups including alumni, students, members of the business community and faculty for quality improvement purposes.  We utilize this input in conjunction with strategic planning to create a continuous improvement action plan.  We continually examine the department’s mission, goals and objectives, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and our vision for the future.  From this process the following goals have emerged.

  • Provide under graduate management education characterized by excellence in teaching.

– The department develops and implements a comprehensive assessment plan.

– The department attracts and retains faculty devoted to excellence in undergraduate teaching.

– The department supports initiatives that promote faculty and student research opportunities.

– The department supports efforts for greater faculty and student collaboration in servicelearning.

  • Distinguish Keene State College’s Department of Management from others by developing distinctive programs based on greater collaboration with allied professional programs within the college.

– The department continues to find ways to build collaborative relationships with allied pro professional programs across campus so as to improve opportunities for student learning.

– The department develops interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs that are unique to the region and not offered by other state supported institutions.

  • Foster strategic partnerships with area companies and organizations to enhance our visibility, create employment opportunities for our graduates, develop internships and support resource enhancement initiatives.

– By calling upon an active Advisory Board to review our mission, goals and objectives, and strategy, and help us to develop stronger relationships with area companies and organizations.

– Through involvement in the business community by way of service on company boards, participation in community events, service on standing and ad hoc committees and through consulting services

  • Build better alumni relations.

– By using an alumni board of directors.

– By improving alumni outreach efforts.

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