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Content Creation Guide

Making Intentional Connections

Welcome to the Keene State College Website Field Guide!

Designing and maintaining a vital, informative website takes a community of people focused on a common goal. The Field Guide provides a foundation for everyone who takes the responsibility for creating and publishing content for the Keene State College website, whether as an author, editor, approver, or administrator. The academic theme of Intentional Connections has been adopted as the underlying principle for making our website clear, concise, and enlightening to all who use it.

Confident users are loyal users. If we focus on the creation of Intentional Connections, we will be more successful in achieving three important objectives for the Keene State College website:

Establish Logical Relationships and Pathways

The first objective is to help users find the information they need and complete the tasks they set out to do. Clear, consistent labels and terminology; a unified navigation and design; and a structured approach to content and copy will give users the guidance they need to make the right connections between their needs and everything that Keene State College has to offer.

Give Users Practical Knowledge

Prospective students, parents, alumni, and KSC faculty and staff all have specific questions and goals when they come to the Keene State College website. The information they find must be accurate, up-to-date, complete, and easy to comprehend and act upon. Good, helpful content is the best way for Keene State College to demonstrate its commitment to clear communications and successful outcomes.

Build a Vibrant, Trusted Brand

Successful brands reduce the uncertainty of making a decision. For prospective students and their families, choosing a college is one of the most important, exciting, and nerve-wracking decisions they will ever make. Keene State College has a solid value proposition to offer and a compelling story to tell. The Keene State Website is a pre-eminent platform for helping the KSC community—past, present, and future—connect their goals and values with those of Keene State College.

Additional Resources

KSC Draft sitemap v4 (pdf) The draft sitemap show how pages will be organized on the new site.

Content Workshop PowerPoint (pptx) The Powerpoint file from the April 10, 2012 Content Strategy Workshop.