Research Guide

NH Social Justice Collection

The New Hampshire Social Justice Collection includes the Doris “Granny D” Haddock Collection, holdings relating to the civil rights worker and Episcopal seminarian Jonathan M. Daniels, Christine Sweeney and her landmark civil rights case, New Hampshire Senator Junie Blaisdell, and the work of the socially conscious New Hampshire filmmaker Louis de Rochemont.

1.1 Doris “Granny D” Haddock Collection

1.2 Jonathan Daniels Collection

1.3 Papers of Christine Sweeney

1.4 Papers of Junie Blaisdell

1.5 Louis de Rochemont Collection

2 Modern Poetry Collection

2.1  Frank C.  Shuffelton Collection

2.2  Patricia Fargnoli Collection

2.3  William Doreski Collection

2.4  Worcestor Review

2.5  Zephyr Press Collection

3 Orang Asli Archive

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3.2 Map of Orang Asli Groups

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3.8 Digital Archives

3.9 Ethnonyms

3.10 Population Tables

3.11 Collections

3.11.1 Adela S. Baer Papers

3.11.2 Rev. Burr Hastings Baughman Collection

3.11.3 John H. Brandt Photograph Collection

3.11.4 COAC Collection

3.11.5 Earl of Cranbrook Collection

3.11.6 Robert K. Dentan Papers

3.11.7 Jennifer Cairns Duguid Collection

3.11.8 Roy Follows Papers

3.11.9 Rosemary Gianno Papers

3.11.9 Kathryn Henderson Collection

3.11.10 Banseng Hoe Collection

3.11.11 Romani Mohamad Collection

3.11.12 Colonel John Davie Papers

3.11.13 Paul B. Means Photograph Collection

3.12 Exhibits

3.13 External Links

4 Dublin Art Colony Collection

5 Children’s Literature Manuscript Collection

6 Women’s History Collection

7 Preston NH History Collection

8 Other items in Special Collection