Andy Soucy ’72 Receives Distinguished Music Alumni Award

Andy Soucy ’72 (right) receives the 2011 KSC Outstanding Music Alumni Award from Dr. Jim Chesebrough.

Londonderry Music Director Andy Soucy ’72 received the Music Department’s Distinguished Alumni Award for 2010–2011 at the KSC Jazz Band concert in April. This award is presented each year to an alumnus who, in the opinion of the music faculty, has distinguished themselves as a musician, music educator, or as a representative of Keene State College.

Mr. Soucy was president of the New Hampshire Music Educators Association from 1983–1987, and was Chairman for the New Hampshire All-State Music Conference from 1999 to 2005.  In 1995 he was honored as “Teacher of the Year” by the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce; was named “Music Educator of the Year” by the New Hampshire Music Educators Association (NHMEA) in 2000; and was named “Citizen of the Year” by the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce that same year. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame for NHMEA in 2006. The Derry-Londonderry Chamber of Commerce recently recognized him as “Citizen of the Year” for 2010.

While on campus, Mr. Soucy made class presentations, visited with faculty, met with former Londonderry students who now study at Keene State, and shared ideas on music education and NHMEA with NHMEA President-Elect, Dr. Sandra Howard. Keene State College is proud to recognize one of its own who has accomplished so much and been recognized for his success by so many.

6 thoughts on “Andy Soucy ’72 Receives Distinguished Music Alumni Award

  1. Congratulations Andy!

    It is hard to believe that 39 years ago next week, Andy and his band played at our wedding. They were great and even more important cheap. It may also be hard to believe that Andy was a fellow member of Alpha Pi Tau fraternity, which at the time was an incredible group of diversely talented individuals. Obviously, Andy made good use of his talents while some of us…

    Seriously, I can only think in envy of the impact that Andy has had on probably thousands of students and young musicians over the years. How many music teachers today, when asked, say that Mr Soucy is the reason they do what they do?

    Andy, do you want to get a band together for our 40th KSC Reunion next year?


  2. Congrats Mr. Soucy!

    Well deserved! You are one of the best teachers I ever had!!

  3. Congratulations Andy!!!

    Your program has made all of us KSC Music grads proud! This is so well deserved and so past due! What you have done at Londonderry should be a model for every other program in the state. Keep up the good work!


  4. Congratulations Brother Andy.

    You’ve chalked up quite an impressive resume over the years, and your dedication to your profession is obvious. As I might say if I were writing the narrative for a military award, “Your accomplishments reflect great credit on yourself, Alpha Pi Tau Fraternity, and Keene State College.”


  5. Congratulations to you, Andy!
    It’s always nice to see a nice guy get what he deserves.
    You make it look easy, but I’m sure it’s been a lot of hard work and talent that got you where you are today.

  6. Andy, you have my sincere congratulations for receiving this award. You’ve been a class act for as long as I’ve known you, which goes back to my first year at KSC and your last, 1971-72.
    Your contributions to NHMEA have certainly been substantial but they pale in comparison to what you have given the thousands of students over the years who were fortunate enough to have been taught and influenced by you.
    Best wishes for many more years of great teaching.
    Doug Nelson

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