Dr. Helen Giles-Gee to Become President of University of the Sciences

Dr. Helen Giles-Gee, Keene State College's ninth president

Spring is always a time of change in the academic world. Seniors graduate and go off into the rest of their lives, and most everyone else gears up for the transition to the summer break. And it’s the time when academic professionals make changes in their careers.

This spring has brought especially big changes to Keene State. After moving KSC boldly into the 21st century, President Helen Giles-Gee has accepted a position as president of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. And Provost Emile Netzhammer is moving on to become Chancellor of Washington State University Vancouver. Read about that here.

At her inauguration on 2006, Dr. Giles-Gee became the first African-American president in Keene State history. When she takes the helm at the University of the Sciences next fall, not only will she be their first African-American president, she’ll also be their first female president. And the University obviously realizes that she’ll lead them to excellence, just as she did here at KSC.

President Giles-Gee will remain on campus until July 2012, and College leadership and the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) Board of Trustees and the Chancellor’s Office will be working diligently to find another dynamic president to take her place. As an insightful editorial in the Keene Sentinel pointed out, both Dr. Giles-Gee and Dr. Netzhammer have raised the bar for their successors, so the College can expect like excellence in its new leadership.

The University of Sciences knows what a great leader they’ve acquired. Read what they have to say about Dr. Giles-Gee.  She was the perfect choice to lead a university that specializes in science. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychobiology, a master’s in science education, and a PhD in measurement, evaluation, and techniques of experimental research from the University of Pennsylvania. She also has a master’s in zoology from Rutgers University.

On a personal note, Newsline would like to thank Dr. Giles-Gee for her part in creating a campus that has so many good stories to tell!

Read more, including a list of President Giles-Gee’s accomplishments here at KSC. …

One thought on “Dr. Helen Giles-Gee to Become President of University of the Sciences

  1. I was interested to read about the President’s move to Philadelphia. Although Dr. Giles-Gee came to the school after I was there as a student she has captured my attention in part because of the ceiling she was shattering. She has been an outstanding role model for all the students at the College. That, to my mind, is the most important function of the president and for it I am grateful to the President. I wish her well as she goes forth.

    Grammatical note: “just like she did here at KSC.” ought to read “just as she did here at KSC.” Given the whole sentence, the mistake seems a bit off.

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