KSC Earns Right to Host Fall AIAS Quad Conference

The faculty and students who were instrumental in bringing the 2013 Fall AIAS Quad Conference to KSC (from left): Professor Bart Sapeta, Architecture Club (AC) advisor; Stefan Cavezzali, AC event manager; Michael Helmer, AIAS Quad Conference committee chair; Jacob Blake, AC member; Alexandria Fournier, AC president; Ryan Glick, AC vice president; Jillian Tomaselli, AC secretary; Professor Donna Paley, Architecture program coordinator

As a result of the KSC Architecture Club’s impressive participation in the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Quad conferences over the last four years, it won the right to host the 2013 Fall AIAS Quad Conference at the new TDS Center. To celebrate, the Architecture Club sponsored its first ever Beaux Arts Ball on October 27th.

Last year, The Equinox ran an article, “Top three teams include KSC students,” about how, in the 2011 Northeast Quad Charrette, “The up-and-coming Keene State Architecture program had representatives on the first- (Stefan Cavezzali and Natalie Savas), second- (Michael Helmer and Kate D’Albis), and third-place teams (Jenna Gibbons). With the unique collaborative opportunities offered in the KSC program, our students were well prepared for the challenge and in most cases, became team leaders.”

Students from the KSC Architecture Club won first place at that same charrette, with designs that won out over those from teams from such architecture schools as Roger Williams University, University of Maryland, University of Buffalo, and University of Massachusetts-Amherst.