Yasha Butt

Pakistani Chem Student Yasha Butt Receives Grant to Study at KSC

Yasha Butt
Yasha Butt, chemistry student from Pakistan

Yasha Nazier Butt, a student from Pakistan, is studying chemistry here on campus this semester, thanks to a $10,892 grant that Skye Stephenson, director of the Global Education Office (GEO), secured from the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (administered by IREX). Over 5,000 applicants applied for this opportunity, but only 140 were chosen.

“The program is very interesting in many ways, because it is an opportunity for cross-cultural experience,” Yasha explained.

“The idea of the program is to promote understanding and friendship between Pakistan and US youth,” said Dr. Stephenson. “We thought it would be great to expand the international outreach and bring Yasha to campus, so other people can have more contact with folks from her country.”

Yasha wanted to take part in this program to see how students study biotechnology in the US. She sees it as an opportunity to visit different labs and see the kinds of experiments other students are working on. “Biotechnology is a subject in which you carry out your own research, but in order to gain more knowledge, you need to communicate with other researchers,” she said.

Here at Keene State Yasha serves as a cultural ambassador. “I want to give people the true depiction of Pakistan,” she said. Her experiences at Keene State have taught her the value of community service, and she wants to creating service organizations to benefit the people in her country.

She expected to undergo considerable culture shock when she arrived in America, but she has found everyone to be very kind and compassionate. The professors are always willing to help and their guide students, she reports.

4 thoughts on “Pakistani Chem Student Yasha Butt Receives Grant to Study at KSC

  1. Good job yasha u will open new horizon of success for pakistan and with ur hardwork n valour create a bright image ..all the best wid regards ur sister DR.HINAFATIMA

  2. I wonder if any such achievement for a woman student would have been possible in her native Pakistan. Tendencies in Islamic countries in the last ten years seem to point to a roll-back of what has been achieved in women’s rights and their equal chances in society and in choosing a profession freely.

  3. Very Weldon…..YAsha; always stay blessed and collect succession in life for you and your country…Yasha Butt …The Winning Girl

  4. That’s really nice. I hope you will give your 100% for the seek of knowledge and to promote name of our Pakistan. Yasha Baji, really you are great and thumbs up.

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