Jonathan Schwartz’s Films Screened at West Coast Venues

Jonathan Schwartz film still
Jonathan Schwartz: Animals Moving to the Sound of Drums

Associate Professor of Film Jonathan Schwartz was recently on the West Coast for screenings of his films. “Animals Moving to the Sound of Drums & Other Films by Jonathan Schwartz” was screened at the Cinema Project in Portland, Oregon on February 25–26, and a show entitled “Adjectives in the Halting Speech: Films by Jonathan Schwartz,” presented in association with the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, appeared at the San Francisco Cinematheque on February 27.

The Cinema Project writes that “Jonathan Schwartz is an American experimental filmmaker who has been making poetic non-fiction 16mm films for over a decade. In both his travel films and his more diaristic work he draws influence from certain traditional approaches to observational filmmaking as well as from mentors Saul Levine and Mark LaPore. The soundtracks to his films are stitched together from rich textural field recordings and subdued synch-sound that slides above the images.”