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Teaching alum

Ninety-five Percent of 2008 Survey Respondents Are Employed

Teaching alumWe’ve all heard national media reports of the dire situation college grads are facing: no jobs, no place to live, no hope. Well, a recent survey shows that the news isn’t so negative, at least not for recent KSC grads. In September and October 2013, our Office of Institutional Research surveyed alumni who received bachelor’s degrees in 2008. Out of a class of 999, KSC had valid email addresses for, and permission to contact, 373 of these (37% of the class). We received responses from 156, or 42% of these recent alums, a very high response rate for this type of survey. KSC was pleased—and proud—to learn that five years after graduation, 98% of the respondents are either employed or engaged in further education. Here are the highlights from the survey:

  • Ninety-five percent of the respondents reported that they are employed; 2.5% indicated that they are not employed by choice (for example, to care for family members or enroll in graduate study), and the remaining 2.5% reported that they are unemployed and seeking work.
  • Among those who are employed, 76% report that their current position is closely related or somewhat related to their studies at KSC, and 75% of these indicated that KSC had prepared them well or very well for this employment.
  • The median annual salary range for those who are currently employed is $40,000–$44,999.
  • Forty-four percent of the respondents reported that they had enrolled in one or more programs of further education at some point after graduating from Keene State College, most pursuing master’s degrees.
  • Among those who have engaged in further education, 82% reported that their programs were closely related or somewhat related to their studies at KSC, and 74% of those judged that KSC had prepared them well or very well for this next step in their education.
  • When asked what else they are doing, besides work and further education, that is meaningful to them five years after graduation, respondents most often mentioned marriage/family/home ownership, community service, professional accomplishments, and travel.
  • Eighty-one percent of respondents reported that their KSC education had prepared them well or very well for the transitions in their lives in the five years since graduation.

You can read the complete survey here.

Several of the respondents explained why they valued their KSC experience. Here are three:

“The best professional experiences I had at KSC that translated into future career opportunities and connections were my two internships during my senior year. Having actual work experiences, in addition to classroom experience, in related fields while still in college helped boost my experiences for my resume and led to great professional references.

“The ability to effectively and efficiently communicate is a skill that was taught and practiced at KSC. It’s a skill I took with me both personally and professionally and has been most advantageous in my post-college career. All forms of different communication and expression were emphasized throughout my time at KSC and are lifelong skills every individual needs during and after their college years.” —Abby Feather Nelson

“The BFA program and the senior-project piece of the program proved to be immensely valuable in helping me build my career. It taught me not only how to continue learning, but also how I learn best.  In the senior project program, I was responsible for defining what my project was about and my success criteria for the project, and then I had to plan how I would reach my goals and deliver a final project that I was proud of. All of these skills proved to be essential in my career thus far in the creative webworld.”  —Heather Bowman

“I learned how to adapt to changing situations in my life and my career. Also my close relationship with my professors has helped me along the way. The Safety program is unique in the sense that the professors know you by first name and will work one-on-one with you. They are also still there as a resource even after you leave KSC.” —John Harvey

Thankful students

Beyond Expectations—Giving Tuesday

Thankful students, and the Annual Giving Team leaders, Lindsay Taflas (center) and Lori Zaniboni (right)
Thankful students, and the Annual Giving team leaders, Lindsay Taflas (center) and Lori Zaniboni (right)

Giving Tuesday, nationally recognized as the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, fell this year on December 3. The day offers a selfless response to the more indulgent shopping sprees on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by encouraging charitable giving and highlighting worthy causes.

For this Giving Tuesday, KSC’s Annual Giving team set itself the goal of collecting 100 donations of any amount, to any designation. President Anne Huot offered to donate an additional $1000 to support KSC students if the 100-donor goal was met. To put things in perspective, the team usually logs about 13 gifts per day. But, by 3 p.m. that afternoon, 100 generous members of the Keene State community had made donations. When she heard that, President Huot offered an additional $500 if the team could bring in an additional 50 donors. By 11:59 that evening, with help from the intrepid Phonathon callers, the team had logged 164 donations!

Giving Tuesday saw $19,127.12 in gifts come to Keene State in 24 hours. Those donations make a real difference in our students’ education.

Recent Gifts

• Charlie ’67 and Christine Zoulias, regular 1909 Society members, have given $5000 to support the Nursing program and the new teaching lab project.

Engelberth Construction has paid the first installment ($20K) on their very generous $100,000 pledge towards the new TDS Center. Pierre LeBlanc ’78 is president of Engelberth Construction, and this company has done many major projects on the KSC campus, including the TDS Center.

Former USNH trustee Andy Lietz and his wife Donna have made a $2500 unrestricted gift to the College, thus continuing their 1909 Society membership.

KSC’s Grant and Contract Administrator, Susan Ericson-West, on behalf of the West family, has made a gift of $10,000 in memory of her husband, Vaughn West. This unrestricted gift will be used in the Theatre and Dance department.

We’re also finalizing a number of very significant gifts-in-kind that support of the Nursing Lab project. Look for these details in the near future.

Granfa Grigg Had a Pig

Alumni Authors Featured at the Alumni Center

Granfa Grigg Had a PigJD Salinger once said, “What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn’t happen much, though.” Unless you’re part of the KSC community, of course—then you have a connection to a whole host of great authors who would love to meet you and chat. Maybe the next time you’re at the Alumni Center, or at a College event.

Who are these authors? Come on into the Alumni Center between now and early next spring and check out the dozens of books that Norma Wright Walker ’51 has gathered in the display cases just inside the main door. The driving force behind the Golden Circle Society, Norma took on the task of creating a KSC alumni authors library for the Alumni Center.

“The outpouring and response from the alumni authors was wonderful; I had no idea we had so many. The books keep coming by mail—it’s terrific!” exclaimed Walker as she added more publications to the display.

Some are works of non-fiction, historical in nature, such as those by William Marvel ’79, Joe Citro ’71, Alan Rumrill ’79, Don Johnson ’53, and Marcia Lusted ’84. Others are compilations of poetry by Wes McNair ’63 (Poet Laureate for the State of Maine) and Jean Saunders Duling ’68, or children’s books by Wallace Tripp ’62. Vincent Russell ’50, Ruth Doan MacDougall ’61, Ernie Hebert ’69, and Angie Frazier ’00, to name a few, have novels in the collection. Several nonfiction works explore contemporary subjects such as youth leadership (Steve Fortier ’86) and computers (John Barry ’71). Again, this only names a few, and we’re sure there are others out there that we don’t yet know about. We look forward to the collection growing. Have you written a book? Let us know about it!

New KSC President, Ann Huot

Two Great Nights in November for Alumni and Parents!

New KSC President, Ann Huot
New KSC President, Ann Huot

We’ve been gathering members of the KSC community near and far this past year. Join us this month and meet new KSC President Anne Huot! KSC Connections events are a great casual way to connect with some of your fellow alumni and current KSC parents. Hearty appetizers sponsored by the Alumni Association  and Parents Association; cash bar.

KSC Connections – Boston
November 19, 2013 · 6–8 p.m.
Boston’s Back Bay: Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake Bar & Grill, 384 Boylston St., Boston MA 02116

KSC Connections – Portsmouth, NH
November 20, 2013 ·  6–8 p.m.
NH Seacoast: The Portsmouth Brewery, 56 Market Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Guests welcome! Email Patty or call 603-358-2370 to let us know you plan to be there (count for food/seats, etc.).

Coming Next Month: the Fall Parent Family Newsletter

The Fall edition of the Parent Association’s Parent Family Newsletter will be mailed to undergraduate parents in early-mid November. Look for articles on the following topics:

  • Helping your student navigate through problems
  • Advice for your student for signing off-campus housing leases
  • Why Soft skills matter in career attainment
  • Updates on Work Study on campus
  • Important reminders from Student Accounts
  • Parent Family Weekend pictures
  • KSC Connections—Parents events in November in Boston & Portsmouth, NH
  • Much, much, more!

Parents: Please Get Involved as a Volunteer

At Keene State, we value service and involvement for all members of our community—and as a parent of a Keene State College student, you are a part of the KSC community! Throughout the time you are a KSC parent, the KSCPA has opportunities for you to get involved:

Parents Board:  The Parents Association Executive Board oversees the Association and helps promote the interests of students, parents and the College.

Exam Survival Kit Distribution: We need volunteers December 5th and 6th, any amount of time between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please contact Kirsten Camp to volunteer: 603-358-2369.

Mentoring: Create a connection with a student via our mentor database; support them by being a contact for networking, careers, and more.

Gatherings & Networks: Want to meet parents in your area? You can host or help connect with other local parents. Next events in Boston on November 19th and Portsmouth, NH, on November 20th.

Admitted Student Day Table: Held throughout the Spring. Come help answer questions and talk to parents of prospective KSC students!

Career Support Programs: Participate in resume reviews, mock interviews, panel discussions are more!

To volunteer, please contact Patty Farmer at 603-358-2370.

Phonathon student callers

Recent Phonathon Efforts a Resounding Success!

Phonathon student callers
Our charming and effective phonathon student callers.

Many of you out there must have responded positively to our charming and earnest phonathon student workers, because their efforts have really reaped great benefits. Over 1600 of you made gifts. The student callers recorded $73,249.10 in pledges, and $67,983.13 has already been received. That’s a staggering fulfillment rate of 92.81%! The money provides much needed student support, so thank you, donors! And thank you, student phonathon callers! And thank you, Lindsay Taflas, assistant director of Annual Giving and Phonathon manager!

Happy Grad photo

The Future’s Rosy for KSC Grads

Happy Grad photoThe College’s Office of Institutional Research recently conducted a survey of last year’s grads (May 2012) that showed that 94% of the respondents are either employed or engaged in further education. And that’s just part of the impressive news:

  • Among those who are employed, about three-fourths report that their current position is related to their studies at Keene State College, and 85% of these indicated that Keene State had prepared them “well” or “very well” for their employment.
  • About one in five respondents is engaged in further study, mostly pursuing master’s degrees.
  • Among those who are engaged in further education, 95% reported that their current studies are related to their studies at Keene State College, and 87% judged that Keene State had prepared them “well” or “very well” for this next step in their education.

Of the graduates surveyed, 46 percent still reside in New Hampshire.

“This survey demonstrates that Keene State College is a major contributor to the success of graduates entering the workforce or gaining post-graduate education. An investment in public higher education is also an investment in our state’s workforce and economic development,” said Jay Kahn, Keene State College Interim President.

FAFSA Day at KSC—Free Help Filling out the FAFSA

FinancialAidOn January 27, from 1–4 p.m. in Rhodes Hall, room S121, the KSC Financial Aid Office is sponsoring FAFSA Day, where anyone from the local community can come get FREE assistance completing the FAFSA.

What to bring:

  2. Your most recent tax return
  3. Your Social Security #’s
  4. Your driver’s license
  5. 2012 W-2
  6. 2012 untaxed income records
  7. 2012 bank statements
  8. 2012 business and investment records
  9. Your alien registration card [if you are not a US citizen]

If you don’t have the 2012 versions of these documents, bring your most recent versions.

Note: This event is open to the general public and any college applicants, not just Keene State applicants! Come get FREE assistance to help complete the FAFSA. Parking will be available in the visitor lot on Wyman Way.

Stand for Higher Ed in NH

Last month, KSC joined with the other institutions in the University System of New Hampshire to ask our supporters to help us advocate for higher ed. We’re sure KSC can raise 1,000 advocates, and we’re close. But we can still use your help. It’s easy, and no salesman will call! Sign up at the KSC Advocates site.

Why do we need 1,000 advocates?

Last year, New Hampshire’s four public colleges and universities suffered the largest budget cut—a 49 % reduction—in our state’s history, indeed in our nation’s history. At KSC, state support now provides just 6 percent of our operating budget. New Hampshire is last in the nation in per capita funding for public higher education at a time when a well-prepared entering workforce is crucial the economic development of our state.

The USNH Board of Trustees has taken a major step in seeking restoration of the state appropriation. They propose freezing in-state tuition and providing more financial assistance to needy NH students for the next two years, if the legislators restore the University System’s biennial state appropriation of $100 million.

But we can’t convince legislators by ourselves. You have an important voice in this advocacy effort. You can write letters, contact legislators, talk to friends, but if you do nothing else, check “Yes, count me in as an Advocate for KSC” today.

In Her Father’s Footsteps

The spring ’95 issue of Discovery, the Continuing Education catalog, featured a story on adult learners, and pictured Eric Martin ’97 on the cover, holding his baby daughter, Paige. The story dealt with Eric’s struggles to raise Paige and get through his classes at KSC. Do you think he had any idea then that his daughter would grow up to be a KSC student? Well, she did! Here’s Paige Martin 17 years later, now in her first year at KSC, with that copy of Discovery!

KSC Event in CT November 28

There are over 250 families and more than a thousand alumni in the greater Hartford, CT, area. Are you one of them? If so, please join Interim President Jay Kahn, Parent and Alumni Association leadership, and student ambassadors from the greater Hartford area on Wednesday, November 28th, at the Baci Grille 134 Berlin Rd., Cromwell CT. This casual social and networking reception will begin at 6 p.m.

The KSC Parents Association is sponsoring the appetizers, and a cash bar will be available. We are looking forward to seeing you, sharing KSC news, and helping make connections! Please RSVP to Patty Farmer (603-358-2370) so we’ll know you’re coming.

Community Conversations on Medicare and Social Security

Social Security and Medicare are important programs for thousands of Granite Staters—245,563 NH citizens rely on Social Security and 216,551 rely on Medicare. If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines while the President and Congress make decisions about these critical safety nets, come to the KSC Alumni Center on Monday, Oct. 22, to make your voice heard.
Continue reading Community Conversations on Medicare and Social Security

Coming Right Up—Parent/Family Weekend!

Parents—are you wondering what life for your student is like here at KSC? Come and find out over Parent Family Weekend, September 28–30. The Parents Association and Social Activities Council have paired up again this year to bring you lots of family-friendly events: a ventriloquist, a comedic juggler, sports, and more! This year, we’re offering more opportunities for parents and families to interact with KSC faculty and staff, including important panel discussions about housing. And don’t forget the annual Parent’s Association Meeting. Interim President Dr. Jay Kahn will chat with parents about the College, and then host an open house at the President’s House on Saturday.

The leaves will be starting to turn, and campus will be as beautiful as ever. Registration is open until September 19, but sign up early—events fill up quickly! Check out the Parent Family Weekend schedule and register today!