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Ethan Seaman and Bill Preskenis with their third-place entry at BuildingEnergy 14

Architecture Students Win in NESEA Student Design Competition

2st place winners
Four sophomore students, (l–r) Laken Thomas, Moire Lawson, Ally Bedard, and Kim Pyszka (with Prof. Temple, far left) won first place in the very challenging Residential Retrofit category.

Last month, Associate Professor of Architecture Peter Temple traveled with four of his student design teams to the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s (NESEA) annual conference, BuildingEnergy 14, at Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center. BuildingEnergy is a cross-disciplinary renewable energy and high-performance building conference.

Ethan Seaman and Bill Preskenis with their third-place entry at BuildingEnergy 14
Ethan Seaman and Bill Preskenis with their third-place entry (against tough competition) at BuildingEnergy 14

The four teams of KSC students entered the Student Design Competition, in four separate divisions that included residential and commercial and new construction and retrofit. One of those teams placed first and another came in third, and the two other teams received merit awards. The winners got $1000 and free hotel rooms, and all the students got free conference registration and a harbor cruise and dinner at the NESEA Night Celebration. This is especially impressive considering that the students were competing against quite a few other institutions, including graduate students from Yale and Harvard.

“The Student Design Competition was very challenging,” explained Prof. Temple, “because all buildings had to be zero-net energy, which means they had to provide as much energy in a year as they consumed. Some of the buildings, such as the large industrial sites, could use hydro power from the existing canals that historically powered Holyoke’s mills, but those in the residential category had to function completely from solar power. The design teams had to do the calculations to prove that their designs met the zero-net requirement.”

Architecture designs

Architecture Club to Host Annual Fall Northeast Quad Conference

Architecture designs
The KSC Architecture Club will be hosting students and faculty from nearly 50 northeastern colleges and universities at the annual Fall Northeast AIAS (American Institute for Architecture Students) Quad Conference from Thursday, October 10, through Sunday, October 13. The theme for the conference is “Regeneration: Redesigning for the Next Generation,” and the Club has planned a variety of lectures, workshops, discussions, and a design charrette geared towards sustainability and the importance of local focus. The design charrette will challenge attendees to a design competition to hypothetically redevelop a degraded site in downtown Keene. On Saturday night, the  Architecture Club will entertain its guests at the Beaux Arts Ball, to be held at a small venue in Rindge, NH.
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Hinche Vocational School photo

Communicorps Students Design Vocational School for Haiti

Hinche Vocational School photo
(l-r) Peter Temple; Ryan Smith (Boston chapter of AfH), Will Preskenis, James Eliscar (OSDPC), Fritz Henning, Jason Abram, Jessica Pierre, Estineau Jean (OSDPC), Kristen Guillette, Jacques Parent (OSDPC), Jillian Cornelius (Lynn Roman photo)

One of Haiti’s problems stems from a severe lack of skilled construction workers, a need that became woefully apparent following the 2010 earthquake. For most construction projects, workers are brought in from the Dominican Republic, a somewhat absurd solution in a country suffering from high unemployment. But education in Haiti is not free, making it an impossible dream for many citizens. The drop-out rate is high, leaving many with little education and few prospects for employment. These often travel to the capital city where their lives can rapidly disintegrate.

When Peter Temple, associate professor of architecture, learned through contacts at the Boston chapter of Architecture for Humanity (AfH) that a Boston-based Haitian group, the Organization of Support to the Development of Plateau Central (OSDPC), had hopes of building a vocational school in Haiti’s Central Plateau, he realized that this presented a perfect opportunity for his Communicorps students to step up to a real-world challenge and provide an architectural plan that should offer long-lasting benefit. The OSDPC been given a building site near the Haitian city of Hinche and had begun the necessary fundraising, and the Communicorps students spent the semester designing a vocational school to teach construction trades and auto mechanics. The plan is actually for a small campus of buildings that will include the main school building, a working auto garage, residential housing for teachers and staff, an administration building, and a separate large dining facility, all within a walled compound. With adequate funding, the school will be able to train Haitians in needed job skills that they otherwise could never afford.
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KSC Earns Right to Host Fall AIAS Quad Conference

The faculty and students who were instrumental in bringing the 2013 Fall AIAS Quad Conference to KSC (from left): Professor Bart Sapeta, Architecture Club (AC) advisor; Stefan Cavezzali, AC event manager; Michael Helmer, AIAS Quad Conference committee chair; Jacob Blake, AC member; Alexandria Fournier, AC president; Ryan Glick, AC vice president; Jillian Tomaselli, AC secretary; Professor Donna Paley, Architecture program coordinator

As a result of the KSC Architecture Club’s impressive participation in the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Quad conferences over the last four years, it won the right to host the 2013 Fall AIAS Quad Conference at the new TDS Center. To celebrate, the Architecture Club sponsored its first ever Beaux Arts Ball on October 27th.
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