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Scene from Their First Misunderstanding

Maddow, & Others Cover Mary Pickford Film

Scene from Their First Misunderstanding
Scene from Their First Misunderstanding

The discovery of the long-lost Mary Pickford film in the KSC film archives is making big news around the world. Recently, Rachel Maddow did a very nice piece on it on her “Cocktail Moment” segment, highlighting Pickford’s role as a superstar and the most powerful woman in Hollywood. Their First Misunderstanding will make it’s world premiere on Friday (Oct. 11) at 7 p.m. in the Redfern’s Alumni Recital Hall. Pickford-scholar Christel Schmidt will be on hand to discuss the significance of this historic find and show two other films starring the famous actress.

“Films like this are a window into our cultural past—moving images of the way our culture saw itself in the early 20th Century,” explained Film Professor Emeritus Larry Benaquist. “This will show us the work of a great artist—actor, producer, activist. We’ll learn a lot about how her acting evolved.”
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Mason Library Receives Tuesday Academy Archives

At the 25th anniversary of the Tuesday Academy, with Doris “Granny D” Haddock (seated in the red chair) and Bonnie Riley, founder of the Tuesday Academy, at her side.

The Tuesday Academy Archive is now part of  the Special Collections in the Mason Library. The donation includes one linear foot of archival records, photographs, study material, and audiovisual material that document the 32-year history of this women’s study group.
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WGS Students Launch Granny D Project

From the 2007 oil painting, Portrait of Granny D, by Sissi Shattuck.

In the spring 2012 semester, 11 students in Assistant Professor Patricia Pedroza’s Women’s and Gender capstone course, which explores the question, “What is activism?” launched a project to explore local social activist Granny D’s work and legacy. Their basic intention was to gather a group of people together whose discussion would generate several perspectives on one topic—in this case, Granny D. The students collected oral histories from people who knew the iconic activist, and videotaped many of them. Once those video interviews are edited, they will be available on the project’s website, Catching up with Granny D.
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KSC Awarded Grants to Protect Valuable Collections

KSC recently received grants to preserve and protect its most valuable collections and archived material.

The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded the College  $5,560 for “Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan and Staff Training to Preserve Special Collections and Film Archives.” The project will help create a disaster preparedness and recovery plan for the College’s archives, special collections, and film holdings; provide staff with training in emergency preparedness and response planning; and prepare disaster supply kits. The College’s holdings consist of over 250 linear feet of archival and manuscript material and over 6,000 volumes of print and bound materials, covering predominantly the disciplines of history, literature, poetry, film studies, Holocaust and genocide studies, and anthropology. The Film Archives holdings include approximately 1,000 color and black & white motion-picture films.
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