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Painting photo

Student Art Abounds at KSC in April

Painting photo
Trisha III by Ashlynn Cedrone, a junior BFA major, exhibiting in 1-2-3 Go! at the Carroll House Gallery

If you’d like to experience the creativity of Keene State’s most talented visual artists, April is the month to visit campus. The art starts with 1-2-3 Go! Work from KSC Art Underclassmen at the Carroll House Gallery on Main St. from April 3–26. This second annual exhibition showcases the work of art underclassmen and features projects in graphic design, animation, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing, and photography. Because the Carroll House Gallery is a teaching gallery for art students, students in Dr. Kate Martineau’s new Museum Studies Seminar will be designing, hanging, and lighting the exhibition.

From April 19–May 10 the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery will host Emerging Art: The Annual Keene State College Art Students Exhibition, featuring works by graduating art majors. There will be a reception on Friday, April 25, from 5:30–7:30 p.m., and visitors to the exhibit are invited to vote for a People’s Choice Commendation to be announced May 5.

On April 25, from 3–7 p.m., 47 senior Graphic Design majors will present their portfolios for review in the Student Center. The review will include print media, web design, and motion graphics. The ultimate goal of the senior portfolio review is to network, meet business owners, and to eventually find and secure a job in the field after graduation, so visitors with graphic design needs are especially welcome. Refreshments will be available.

All three of these exhibits are free and open to the public.

David White

Children’s Literature Art Gallery to be on NH Chronicle

Author and illustrator Lita Judge presenting an illustration from her book How Big Were Dinosaurs? to Festival Gallery founder Dr. David White.
Author and illustrator Lita Judge presenting an illustration from her book How Big Were Dinosaurs? to Festival Gallery founder Dr. David White.

Earlier this month, Erin Fehlau, the producer for WMUR Channel 9′s  New Hampshire Chronicle, and Chris Shepherd, the show’s videographer, spent four hours with one of the KSC’s greatest treasures, the Children’s Literature Festival Gallery Collection in Rhodes Hall, preparing a segment for the show. Of course, Festival and Gallery founder Dr. David E. White, showed them around, and they spent an hour talking to author, illustrator, and gallery contributor Lita Judge, who lives in Peterborough. Lita talked about our collection, why it is significant, why she wanted to be represented, the significance of illustrations in children’s books, and about several of her books. Lita was also filmed giving David a donation from her book How Big Were Dinosaurs? This segment will be aired March 18—make sure you tune in! And if you miss it, the segment will be available online. And check out the Children’s Literature Festival and Gallery’s Facebook page.

Mark My Words

Mark My Words—a Graphic Design/Writing Student Collaboration

Mark My WordsLast fall, Melissa DiPalma, a lecturer who teaches a course in book and magazine design in the Graphic Design program, approached English Department Chair Kirsti Sandy and asked if Dr. Sandy’s writing students would be willing to submit pieces of short fiction or nonfiction for a journal the graphic design students were creating. Dr. Sandy enlisted the help of Associate Professors of English Kate Tirabassi and Brinda Charry, and they offered students in their upper-level fiction and nonfiction classes the opportunity to submit work. Out of many submissions, 13 were selected to appear in the journal. “Each author was paired with a graphic designer, and they worked as a team to explore the themes and content within each piece,” DiPalma explained.

“What made the collaboration particularly exciting was that most of the writers and graphic designers had a chance to meet and discuss the work and the process. In one instance, the graphic design student used the writing student’s photographs as part of the finished piece. Another used one of the graphic design student’s original watercolor paintings,” Dr. Sandy said.

The finished product, Mark My Words, is now online and open for enjoyment.

Randall Merchant oil painting

Carroll House Hosts Alumni Art Exhibition

Randall Merchant oil painting
Work by Randall Merchant ’77 – oil on canvas

May 2–18, at the Carroll House Art Gallery
(on Main St. next to the Alumni Center)
Wed thru Sat 12–5 p.m.
Opening reception, Thursday, May 2, 4–5 p.m.
Exhibit reopens for Reunion weekend,
June 7 & 8.

The KSC Art Department welcomes back five alumni: Randall Merchant ’77 (from Gilsum, NH), Eileen Longe ’12 (from Swanzey, NH); Nic Petrow ’11 (from Branford CT), Katie Houle ’13 (from Newtown, NH), and Jaz Graf ’00 (from Jersey City, NJ). Their work ranges from paintings, drawings, and wall installations to ceramics and printmaking that investigates abstraction, process, color, and representation.

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Two Students Exhibit Photos in Magenta Festival

Anne Johnson (left) and Anastasia Dubrovina
Anne Johnson (left) and Anastasia Dubrovina

Two independent-study photography students, Anastasia Dubrovina and Anne Johnson, will have their work featured in the 2013 Magenta Festival in Boston this May.

“It’s been amazing working with these two and seeing them develop as young artists,” said Assistant Professor of Art Jonathan Gitelson. “They are two of the most self-motivated students I’ve encountered in my three years at Keene, and I’m so proud of their recent accomplishment. This is a big deal!”
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Children’s Lit Festival Gallery Gets Grant

Dr. David White with the Children's Literature Festival Gallery Collection
Dr. David White with the Children’s Literature Festival Gallery Collection

When a member of the Kayser Family visited the Children’s Literature Festival Gallery Collection in Rhodes Hall recently, she was so impressed by this delightful collection of work by the best children’s book illustrators that she directed NH Charitable Foundation to make a $2,000 grant from the Kayser Family Fund to help support it. Professor David White, director of the Children’s Literature Festival, intends to use the award to purchase an illustration from Morris the Artist, written by Lore Segal and illustrated by Boris Kulikov, who spoke at the 2012 Festival. That illustration will be used for the October 26, 2013, Festival flyer and poster.

The Festival Gallery Collection, which began in November 1990, is a permanent collection of original illustrations, working drawings, and pieces related to children’s book illustration. It currently contains hundreds of pieces by 159 artists.

Lynn Richardson to Exhibit at New England Biennial

Arctic Garden, by Lynn Richardson

Associate Professor of Art Lynn Richardson is exhibiting her work at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center’s show, New England Biennial 2012, from November 2–March 1. This juried exhibit features paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture, and installation artwork by 13 artists from around New England, chosen from among more than 400 applicants by Stephen Haller of the Stephen Haller Gallery in New York City.

Printmaking Invitational 2012 at the Carroll House Gallery

From Erika Radich’s Holy Ghosts

The KSC Art Department is presenting an invitational exhibition at the Carroll House Gallery from October 4–November 3 featuring non-traditional approaches to printmaking by four New England artists: Erika Radich of Keene; Phyllis McGibbon, of Wellesley, Massachusetts; Peter Marcus, of Jamestown, Rhode Island; and Sarah Amos of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, Oct. 4, from 4–6 p.m. at the gallery.
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Robert S. Neuman at Keene State College 1972–1990

Beach Figure, 1965, Robert S. Neuman

Through most of September, the Carroll House Galleries (238 Main Street) will exhibit paintings by Robert S. Neuman, who taught art at KSC from 1972–1990. Neuman, an abstract painter, currently works and lives in the Boston area. He was the very first artist to exhibit at the prestigious Pace Gallery of NY when it first opened in Boston 50 years ago, and he has received Guggenheim and Fulbright fellowships. He began teaching in 1952 and subsequently taught at several schools, including Brown, Harvard, and Keene State. He has shown widely and has work in major museums and private collections.
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“Lynn Richardson: Arctic Garden” on Exhibit in N. Adams

Detail from Arctic Garden by Lynn Richardson.

Assistant Art Professor Lynn Richardson is currently exhibiting her work in a special summer exhibition in North Adams, Mass., for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) in conjunction with the “Oh Canada” Exhibition (features work by more than 60 artists who hail from every province and nearly every territory in the country). Craig Leonard (Canadian Artist and Professor from the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design) and Prof. Richardson have solo installations on exhibit from June 28th–August 26th.

The special exhibit, “Lynn Richardson: Arctic Garden,” is at North Adams’ Downstreet Art Gallery 107 (107 Main St.) “With renewed debates over rights to waterways and Arctic shipping routes, Richardson believes a new era of colonization will soon begin,” noted the Gallery. “By using British colonialism as a metaphor for the potential exploitation of the Arctic, Richardson uses sound, motion, light, and the physicality of the assembled pieces aided in her concept to engage the viewer. Although her work is intended to be playful, even humorous, in order to soften the hard reality of the underlying message, it presents a critical examination of the ‘dichotomy between nature and our industry-driven culture and the devastating long-term effects our current courses of action will have on the environment.'”


KSC Awarded Grants to Protect Valuable Collections

KSC recently received grants to preserve and protect its most valuable collections and archived material.

The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded the College  $5,560 for “Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan and Staff Training to Preserve Special Collections and Film Archives.” The project will help create a disaster preparedness and recovery plan for the College’s archives, special collections, and film holdings; provide staff with training in emergency preparedness and response planning; and prepare disaster supply kits. The College’s holdings consist of over 250 linear feet of archival and manuscript material and over 6,000 volumes of print and bound materials, covering predominantly the disciplines of history, literature, poetry, film studies, Holocaust and genocide studies, and anthropology. The Film Archives holdings include approximately 1,000 color and black & white motion-picture films.
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Maureen Ahern’s Artwork at Derryfield School

"Brush By," by Maureen Ahern, 14" x 10" mixed media with interference paint on cradled board.

If you’ll be in Manchester from Jan. 9–Feb. 10, stop in at the Derryfield School’s Lyceum Gallery to enjoy Occular Rhythm: Two Views, an exhibit of artwork by Thorne Art Gallery Director Maureen Ahern and Paul Cooper. There will be a closing reception on Friday, Feb. 10, from 5:30–7 p.m. (before the Upper School Musical).

Gallery Hours: 8 a.m.–4 p.m. (schooldays).

Lynn Richardson's "Inside the Fence," currently on exhibit at the UMF Art Gallery.

Prof. Richardson’s Sculpture in Several Galleries

Lynn Richardson's Inside the Fence, currently on exhibit at the UMF Art Gallery.

Assistant Professor of Sculpture Lynn Richardson’s work is currently appearing in several East Coast galleries. Prof. Richardson is acutely aware of the impact our modern technological progress has on the natural world, and explores that conflict through her sculpture. “We continually exploit our physical world, pushing the limits through our use of technology, neglecting to see the devastating long-term effects it will have on our environment,” Prof. Richardson explained. “My work is intended to be playful, even humorous, in order to soften the hard reality of the underlying message.” However, she also feels “the urgency to respond to these conflicts from the position of an artist that belongs to a different generation.”

So if you’re out and about over the next month or so, visit any of these galleries to be inspired by this sculptor’s amazing work:

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Alumni Art Exhibit at Carroll House

Four KSC alumni artists—Kevin Cahill ’79, Jane El Simpson ’80, Adam Bernard ’00, and David Donovan ’07—will have their excellent work on display at the Carroll House Gallery through Reunion weekend, closing on Monday, June 6. Come on in and check it out!

The Carroll House Gallery is on Main Street, next to the Alumni Center. Support for this exhibit is provided by the Homeland Foundation, the KSC Pepsi Partnership Grant, and the KSC Development Office.

Cognitive Dissonance Comes to Carroll House

cognigtivedissonanceConnecticut College art professor Gregory Bailey will bring his sculptural installation, Cognitive Dissonance 3/1 to the Carroll House Gallery from March 24–April 16. Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon that refers to the discomfort felt when new information or events conflict with your preconceived notions or beliefs.

Prior to the opening, the artist will offer a lecture at noon on Wednesday, March 23, in the Thorne-Sagendorph Conference Room, and there will be a reception for the exhibit opening on Thursday, March 24, from 4–6 p.m. at the Carroll House Gallery.

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