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Dr. Pellettieri’s INBRE Grant Sheds Light on Pigment Cell Biology

Since the days of the proverbial story of Issac Newton “discovering” gravity when a falling apple hit him on the head, it’s long been known that important scientific discoveries often happen quite unexpectedly. A finding in Assistant Professor Jason Pellettieri’s Stem Cells and Regeneration course may well be one such event. The course explores basic … Read More »

Jarett Miller Wins Undergrad Research Fellowship

KSC sophomore Jarett Miller has been awarded the American Society for Microbiology’s (ASM) Undergraduate Research Fellowship. This fellowship is aimed at highly competitive students who wish to pursue graduate careers (PhD or MD/PhD) in microbiology. And talk about competitive—Jarett applied for the fellowship last year, when he was a freshman! Fellows have the opportunity to … Read More »

SURF’s up for Deena Snoke this Summer

SURFing can be pretty competitive, especially when SURF stands for the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program at Dartmouth this summer, and you’re competing against 300 top students across the country for one of 6–8 spots. Those spots provide research experience in the laboratory of one of Dartmouth’s principal investigators in the Molecular and Cellular Biology … Read More »