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Students sketching vernal pool

Environmental Studies Majors Conduct Natural Resources Inventory for Harris Center

Students sketching vernal pool
Alexandra Kirk and Stephen Day creating a detailed field sketch of a roadside vernal pool (as part of the vernal-pool documentation process).

For several years, the Harris Center for Conservation Education has played an integral role in stitching together a 33,000-acre Supersanctuary of connected protected lands in the towns of Antrim, Greenfield, Hancock, Harrisville, Nelson, Peterborough, and Stoddard. These contiguous blocks of habitat are vital for long-ranging species of animals, for migratory birds, for timber, and for outdoor recreation. In order to most effectively manage and understand this area, the Harris Center needed to conduct a natural resources inventory (NRI). That’s a perfect project for some of KSC’s Environmental Studies majors, but there’s a problem: A lot of the critical information—such as where the vernal pools are and which animals are on the move during breeding season—takes place in late spring/early summer, when most students are off campus and working summer jobs to help pay for next year’s classes.

The solution? Hire some of these students to stick around and conduct the NRI. Talk about a win-win: The Harris Center gets a team to collect critical data to help it manage the trust, and the students get paid to develop real-world skills that bring substance to classroom theory and will look very impressive on a resume.
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eMentoring Network for Alumni, Parents, & Students

Most everyone entering the job market has questions about the best course to follow here at KSC, or about an effective career path, or how to create a resume or write a cover letter, or how to prepare for an interview.

Current students need advice with the pre-employment challenges that many alums and parents have navigated. Therefore, Alumni and Parent Relations and the Academic and Career Advising Office, with support from the Alumni and Parent associations, have created an important new online mentoring program for students, alumni, and parents.

The KSC eMentoring Network is open to all students, alumni, and parents looking for advice, or to advise. The online platform allows students to hook up with a mentor who can offer support and guidance based on the student’s individual needs and interests.

Sound worthwhile? Visit the KSC eMentoring Information page to learn more.

Seeking Employment? We’re Here to Help

We have seen an increase in job opportunities recently and want to make sure our alumni have access to all the ways KSC can keep you informed about these openings.

  • JobWISE through Academic and Career Advising has posts from local, regional, and national companies and organizations as well as private families who wish to recruit individuals for various openings. In addition to the job posting, ACA  has information on several events that could be useful!
  • Linkedin is a social networking site that allows you to build and engage your professional network, manage your personal identity, and explore insights and opportunities. The Keene State College Alumni Association has two active groups that can help you connect with your follow alums, current students, and recruiters.
  • On occasion, the KSC Alumni Association will send out emails to particular majors when relevant employment opportunities arise. If you want to receive these emails, be sure to update us!
  • Facebook can also be a great way to connect with your department and fellow alumni. For example, Safety Studies has a great discussion going around jobs and internships.