2015 and Prior Projects

2015 Projects

Where the Sidewalk Ends and the Trail Begins- An Evaluation of Pedestrian Infrastructure in Swanzey, New Hampshire (PDF 8.6 MB)
Student Authors: John Ahern, Sam Jones, Megan Pietrowski, and Ryan Zarnowski

Uphill Both Ways- An Assessment of Hinsdale, NH Walk- and Bikeability (PDF 3.4 MB)
Student Authors: Michelle Kelley, Katie Mann, Jake Morel, and Jack Rogers

Then and Back Again- A Tavern’s Tale (PDF 3.6 MB)
Student Authors: Cara Bishop, William Borruso, Danielle Sinvil, Andrew Sylvia

2014 Projects

The Path Less Pedaled- An Examination of the Cheshire Rail Trail North in Southwestern New Hampshire  (PDF 4.2 MB)
Student Authors: Dylyn Clark, Lena Fontana, Varick Parizo, and Kat Wood

The Ashuelot Rail-Trail- The ART of Commuting An analysis of trail attributes and commuting habits of local residents in southwest New Hampshire (PDF 7.5 MB)
Student Authors: Samantha Gaudette, Justin Fournier, Michael Johnson, and Jack Lapsley

Home Sweet Home- Keene Housing Resident Satisfaction Survey (PDF 3.6 MB)
Student Authors: Ashley Joyal, Mike Mozzar, Keith Pancake and John Riordan

Perceptions and Practices of Sustainability Within Keene, New Hampshire (PDF 1.9 MB)
Student Authors: Jason Cyr, Hannah Elliot, Charles Stoll, and Thomas Todd

2013 Projects

Air Quality and Home Heating Analysis of Keene, NH (PDF 5 MB)

Student Authors: Sean Spendley, Emily Francis, Charles Babcock, Connor Grimes, and Tia Desgroseilliers

Ashuelot Greenspace Project (PDF 3.7 MB)
Student Authors: Emma Fitzhenry, Michelle Lefevbre, Alysha Orrok, and Brian Vose

The Ultimate Commute- An Assessment of Bike Paths in Keene, NH (PDF 7.4 MB)
Student Authors: Brian Cote, Michael Harpool, Crystal Hoke, Brian Jones, and Abby Martelle

North, South, East, West, Could you Pass a Spatial Test?*
Student Authors: Hallie Oullette, Jennifer Lundquist, and Amanda Smith

Natural Resources Inventory of Surry, NH *(5.4 MB)
Student Authors: Michael Desjardins, Kristin Carlson, James Shea, and Ethan Yazinski

Peterborough Parks and Recreation Inventory (4.6 MB)

Student Authors: Meghan Healy, Kim Gordon, Shawn Queenan, and Kevin Spillane

2011 Projects

Keeping Keene Cool- An Examination of City-Owned Trees and Climate Control (PDF 6.3 MB)
Student Authors: Nathan Amato, Nicholas Fuller, Zachary Clark, and Zachary Redman

2010 Projects

Barking Up the Right Tree- An Analysis of City-Owned Trees in Keene, NH (PDF 2.8 MB)
Student Authors: Bryanna Brown, Katherine Duncan, Zachary Hawkins, Gregory Martin, and Brandon Russell

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Vernal Pool Identification and Conservation in Keene, NH *(PDF 2.5 MB)
Student Authors: April Buzby, Amy Curran, Carly Laliberte, Alexandra McKillop, and Sarah Warwick

2009 Projects

Space Invaders- Japanese Knotweed and the Restoration of Beaver Brook in Keene, NH (PDF 6.3 MB) (also on Slideshare)
Student Authors: Nathan Cadenhead, Christine Jones, Bryan Lariviere, and Heather Stringer

Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Preserve: An Analysis of a Proposed Historic District in Keene, NH *(PDF 16.5 MB) (also on Slideshare)
Student Authors: Katie Bills, Neil O’Brien, Scarlett Silver, and Andrew Guiou

We Built this City on Walk and Roll- Steps Towards a Transportation Transition in Keene, NH (PDF 6 MB) (also on Slideshare)
Student Authors: Nick Rioux, Tudor Stanescu, Travis Heon, and John Gigas

South of the Oval- A Comprehensive Corridor Study and Plan for South Street:RTE 13 South in Milford, New Hampshire (PDF 7.3 MB) (also on Slideshare)
Student Authors: Patrick Blaisdell, Erica Rader, and Brenton Walsh

2008 Projects

New Kids on the Block: An Analysis of Student housing Trends in Southeast Keene, NH
Student Authors: James Cunningham, Vanessa Ciarleglio, Lindsay Lambert, and Heather Soulard

May the Force Be With You: Workforce Housing in the Monadnock Region
Student Authors: Sarah Forler, Torin Hjemlstad, and Elizabeth Kane

Live Green or Die: Recycling in Cheshire County, NH
Student Authors: Lauren Evans, Jared Gasco, Laura Jalette, and Candra Merreighn

Talking Trash- An Assessment of Solid Waste Disposal in Keene, NH
Student Authors: Alex Kammler, Mike Jakubowski, Leah Maghini, and Chelsea Brooks

There Is No Place Like Home: Affordable Housing in Milford, New Hampshire
Student Authors: Virginia Malcolm, Daniel Moyland, and Danielle Page