Field Courses

Outdoors.  It’s as essential to our teaching as it is to our name.  GORP students study human-environment relationships in a wide variety of contexts, from densely populated urban centers to vast wilderness.  Our field courses vary in location and content.  You could find yourself sleeping under the stars in the Mojave Desert, or exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo and Seoul.  Wherever you go, you will have the opportunity to connect your classroom experience to the real-world.

We offer regular one to two-week field courses to national and international destinations:
Japan and Korea 2019
US Desert Southwest and Borderlands 2018
Hawaii 2017
Cuba 2016
Chile 2014
Iceland, Sweden, and Norway 2012
Peru 2009

Students interested in outdoor recreation are encouraged to take the interdisciplinary course ‘Outdoor Recreation Leadership’ IIHP 311 offered each January and June.

GORP majors are encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities available through the Global Education Office.

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