What is an LLC?

Living and Learning Communities (LLCs) are residential housing programs that incorporate academic courses and build community through common learning and living environments.

The first-year students enrolled in LLCs at Keene State College live together on the same hall in the Commons building off Wyman Way. The instructors of these courses collaborate with student learning assistants, peer mentors, and staff in Residential Life (e.g. Residential Assistants and Residential Directors) to provide extra support and co-curricular activities that achieve the learning outcomes of the courses.

Specifically, each LLC at Keene State College is structured around a themed course sequence made up of a single course in the fall semester for first-year students and a single linked course in the spring semester for first-year students. When signing up for the LLC, first-year students commit to enrolling in both the fall and spring course.

The courses are usually taught in one of the three classrooms located on the first floor of the Commons building. With state-of-the art technology, white erase boards on every wall, movable tables and chairs, and even sinks and storage cabinets, these classrooms are specifically designed for interactive and innovative pedagogy.

Sample outside-of-classroom activities that support the learning outcomes of these LLCs include attendance at campus events, field trips, hands-on learning experiences, other high-impact practices, and community-building events (e.g. eating dinner together, group study sessions).

Click on this link to learn about the LLCs offered at Keene State College during Academic Year 2019-2020.

LLC learning assistant Liana D’Attilio teaches first-year students in the Communication LLC course.

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