Up and away, drone flight over Keene State campus

Keene State Seniors launched the GORP drone on a clear chilly November morning.  The flight is part of a series of vertical temperature profiles the students are collecting to support their senior seminar project on microclimates.  Research assistant JC Woodward helped support the flight with his piloting skills.

GORP seniors wishing a safe flight to the drone.
Looking north toward Central Square and Drummer Hill beyond
Birds-eye view of Science Center from 400 feet above ground level.

Seniors study Keene microclimates

Four Keene GORP seniors are studying the effects of landcover on temperature variations throughout the Keene valley, to understand impact of different surfaces on diurnal patterns.  Their work entails measuring weather conditions at several sites across the region.  In October, they installed a rooftop weather station on the Science Building, with the weather station interface prominently displayed on the second floor.  Wind speed, pressure, dew point and moisture conditions are collected on a real-time basis and used for anlysis.  Pictured here are (right to left): Zane Atwood, Jason LaPanne, Alex Sabido, and Nick Young.

2017 Alumni

Shauna Sousa
Stewardship Assistant
Monadnock Conservancy, Keene, NH

Shauna worked as an intern for the Harris Center for Conservation while pursuing her degree in Geography.  With a passion for the outdoors and environmental conservation, Shauna is a natural fit for her job as a Stewardship Assistant with the Monadnock Conservancy in Keene.  The job allows her to explore the many valuable conservation lands this land trust protects across southwestern New Hampshire.

Nick Hadges
Associate Analyst, Transportation Modeling
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Keene, NH

Nick Hadges was actively involved across campus during his time at Keene State.  Upon graduating, he took a position with the largest employer in the region, C&S Wholesale grocers, first as a Transportation Coordinator, then as an Analyst.  He uses his data analysis skills to model the supply chain of major grocery retailers.  Currently he is enrolled as a graduate student at SNHU, working toward a master’s degree in Data Analytics while working full-time.

Kristin Bixby (’17): Assistant Planner, Town of Peterborough, Peterborough, NH

2018 Alumni

Aimee Krafft
: (’18)
Graduate Research Assistant,
Department of Geography,
University of Nevada

While pursuing her Geography degree at KSC, Aimee worked as an intern for Southwest Region Planning Commission.  She also conducted independent research for Dr. Davis on militarization in the Pacific.   Aimee is currently a master’s student, working on an NSF-funded transportation research project at the University of Nevada.

Mark Landolina
Planning Technician, Zoning Enforcement
Town of Coventry, CT

Mark worked as a GIS intern during his senior year on a GIS modeling project with Dr. Brehme.  He also interned with Southwest Region Planning Commission in Keene.  Before graduation Mark was offered a full-time planning position with the Town of Coventry, CT

Lisa Donnelly
Assistant Planner,
Windham Regional Commission, Brattleboro, VT

Lisa worked as an intern with Southwest Region Planning Commission in Keene during her senior year.  Her senior seminar project focused on sustainable transportation in the Monadnock region.  After graduation, Lisa started a summer internship with Windham Region Planning Commission in Vermont, and that led to a full-time position as an Assistant Planner.

Brendan Jones
Seasonal Park Ranger
Yosemite National Park, CA

Brendan is passionate about the outdoors, and was active in the KSC Outdoor Club during his time here.  Between his junior and senior years he interned as Field Assistant for the National Forest Service in Gallatin National Forest, Montana.  At KSC, Brendan worked as a GIS intern for Dr. Brehme.  Upon graduating, Brendan took a position as seasonal ranger in Yosemite National Park.

Zach Pearo
Easement Steward
NH Society for the Protection of Forests
Concord, NH

Zach came to KSC to shift careers from a successful licensed massage business to something that would allow him to spend more time outdoors.  While at Keene State, Zach collaborated with Dr. Davis on a study of climate change impacts on New England’s ski industry, and they co-authored a paper in the Northeastern Geographer.  Zach obtained a full-time staff position with the NH Forest Society after graduation.  He now spends his work days trekking through the woods, examining properties across southwestern New Hampshire.