Student Work

Keene State Geography graduates must complete a senior seminar course in the fall semester of their final year.  In this course, students work in small groups on a community-based project.  These projects are coordinated with government agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses in Keene and communities throughout Southern New Hampshire.   Each project involves intensive data collection, statistical analysis, and geographic visualizations that are presented in a professional report.  While students consider these ‘final projects’ for the course, project partners find them to be valuable tools in their work.

Over the years, Geography students have worked on projects that span the breadth of the discipline, from environmental science to urban planning, transportation analysis, housing studies, and K-12 curricula.  Below you will find links to Geography Seminar Projects from past years:

2017 Projects:
Crime and Safety in Keene, NH: A Geographic Analysis (PDF)
Student Authors: Brendan Jones, Brian Chrimes, Morgan Lutz, and Timothy Peterson

Are We There Yet?: Sustainable Transportation in the Monadnock Region (PDF)
Student Authors: Lisa Donnelly, Aimee Krafft, and Gabriela Pacheco

There’s No Place Like Home: A Critical Analysis of the Millennial and Student Housing Markets in Keene (PDF)
Student Authors: Mark Landolina, Kevin Salina, and Kathryn Van Veen

From Signs to Minds: Wayfinding in Keene (PDF)
Student Authors: Brittany LaFluer, Zachary Pearo, and Jennamarie Moody

2015 Projects:
Where the Sidewalk Ends and the Trail Begins: An Evaluation of Pedestrian Infrastructure in Swanzey, New Hampshire (PDF 8.6 MB)
Student Authors: John Ahern, Sam Jones, Megan Pietrowski and Ryan Zarnowski

Uphill Both Ways: An Assessment of Hinsdale, NH Walk- and Bikeability  (PDF 3.4 MB)
Student Authors: Michelle Kelley, Katie Mann, Jake Morel, and Jack Rogers

Then and Back Again: A Tavern’s Tale (PDF 3.6 MB)
Student Authors: Cara Bishop, William Borruso, Danielle Sinvil, Andrew Sylvia

2014 Projects:
The Path Less Pedaled: An Examination of the Cheshire Rail Trail North in Southwestern New Hampshire  (PDF 4.2 MB)
Student Authors: Dylyn Clark, Lena Fontana, Varick Parizo, and Kat Wood

The Ashuelot Rail-Trail: The ART of Commuting An analysis of trail attributes and commuting habits of local residents in southwest New Hampshire (PDF 7.5 MB)
Student Authors: Samantha Gaudette, Justin Fournier, Michael Johnson and Jack Lapsley

Home Sweet Home: Keene Housing Resident Satisfaction Survey (PDF 3.6 MB)
Student Authors: Ashley Joyal, Mike Mozzar, Keith Pancake and John Riordan

Perceptions and Practices of Sustainability Within Keene, New Hampshire (PDF 1.9 MB)
Student Authors: Jason Cyr, Hannah Elliot, Charles Stoll, and Thomas Todd


2013 Projects:
Air Quality and Home Heating Analysis of Keene, NH (PDF 5 MB)
Student Authors: Sean Spendley, Emily Francis, Charles Babcock, Connor Grimes, and Tia Desgroseilliers

Ashuelot Greenspace Project (PDF 3.7 MB)
Student Authors: Emma Fitzhenry, Michelle Lefevbre, Alysha Orrok, and Brian Vose

The Ultimate Commute: An Assessment of Bike Paths in Keene, NH (PDF 7.4 MB)
Student Authors: Brian Cote, Michael Harpool, Crystal Hoke, Brian Jones, and Abby Martelle

North, South, East, West, Could you Pass a Spatial Test?
Student Authors: Hallie Oullette, Jennifer Lundquist, and Amanda Smith

Natural Resources Inventory of Surry, NH (5.4 MB)
Student Authors: Michael Desjardins, Kristin Carlson, James Shea, and Ethan Yazinski

Peterborough Parks and Recreation Inventory (4.6 MB)
Student Authors: Meghan Healy, Kim Gordon, Shawn Queenan, and Kevin Spillane

2011 Projects:
Keeping Keene Cool: An Examination of City-Owned Trees and Climate Control (PDF 6.3 MB)
Student Authors: Nathan Amato, Nicholas Fuller, Zachary Clark, and Zachary Redman

2010 Projects:
Barking Up the Right Tree: An Analysis of City-Owned Trees in Keene, NH (PDF 2.8 MB)
Student Authors: Bryanna Brown, Katherine Duncan, Zachary Hawkins, Gregory Martin, and Brandon Russell

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Vernal Pool Identification and Conservation in Keene, NH (PDF 2.5 MB)
Student Authors: April Buzby, Amy Curran, Carly Laliberte, Alexandra McKillop, and Sarah Warwick

2009 Projects:
Space Invaders: Japanese Knotweed and the Restoration of Beaver Brook in Keene, NH (PDF 6.3 MB) (also on Slideshare)
Student Authors: Nathan Cadenhead, Christine Jones, Bryan Lariviere, and Heather Stringer

Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Preserve: An Analysis of a Proposed Historic District in Keene, NH (PDF 16.5 MB) (also on Slideshare)
Student Authors: Katie Bills, Neil O’Brien, Scarlett Silver, and Andrew Guiou

We Built this City on Walk and Roll: Steps Towards a Transportation Transition in Keene, NH (PDF 6 MB) (also on Slideshare)
Student Authors: Nick Rioux, Tudor Stanescu, Travis Heon, and John Gigas

South of the Oval: A Comprehensive Corridor Study and Plan for South Street/RTE 13 South in Milford, New Hampshire (PDF 7.3 MB) (also on Slideshare)
Student Authors: Patrick Blaisdell, Erica Rader, and Brenton Walsh

2008 Projects:
New Kids on the Block: An Analysis of Student housing Trends in Southeast Keene, NH (Slideshare)
Student Authors: James Cunningham, Vanessa Ciarleglio, Lindsay Lambert, and Heather Soulard

May the Force Be With You: Workforce Housing in the Monadnock Region (Slideshare)
Student Authors: Sarah Forler, Torin Hjemlstad, and Elizabeth Kane

Live Green or Die: Recycling in Cheshire County, NH (Slideshare)
Student Authors: Lauren Evans, Jared Gasco, Laura Jalette, and Candra Merreighn

Talking Trash- An Assessment of Solid Waste Disposal in Keene, NH (Slideshare)
Student Authors: Alex Kammler, Mike Jakubowski, Leah Maghini, and Chelsea Brooks

There Is No Place Like Home: Affordable Housing in Milford, New Hampshire (Slideshare)
Student Authors: Virginia Malcolm, Daniel Moyland, and Danielle Page