​Are you willing to help make the world a better place?

KSC ESGS students
Keene State College ESGS students in the field

As the world population pushes 8 billion people, each demanding a resource-intensive life, how can we ensure ecological security? As biodiversity is threatened by habitat loss, persistent pollutants endanger pollinators, and climate change continues to be fed its steady diet of carbon, how will you make a difference? How will the firms, NGOs, or government agencies you come to work for turn it around and contribute to making a better world?
We offer a solutions-oriented curriculum to equip you with the skills and experiences needed to address the unprecedented environmental challenges facing your generation.

​Small classes and close interaction with faculty are the norm at Keene State. Come take advantage of our hands-on learning, internships, study away, and undergraduate research opportunities and explore almost any aspect of our environment that interests you.