Experiential Learning

We understand that many people who choose to major in environmental studies, geography, or sustainability science like to be outdoors. Many also like hands-on learning. Some want to transition directly to a paying job while others want to move on to graduate school. Here at Keene State we create numerous kinds of augmented learning opportunities for our diverse range of students.

Field Courses

The ESGS department regularly offers courses where students learn by getting out and studying processes in the real world. In addition to the field trips around New England that we incorporate into regular classes, we also strive to give our students a global experience. In the past few years faculty have led ESGS student field courses to destinations like Japan, Hawai‘i, Arizona, China, Nepal, Cuba, and Chile.


One of the popular ways that ESGS students at Keene State College supplement their learning is to do an internship. Faculty have connections with many institutions that offer students paid and unpaid internships. It is also possible to earn course credit by doing an internship.

Every summer, our partner, the Harris Center for Conservation Education, offers four paid summer internships. These students work together on a variety of ecosystem inventory and monitoring projects including vernal pool registration, easement monitoring, trail work, habitat management, and more.

Student Research Opportunities

Many faculty have research projects with opportunities for undergraduate research assistants. Most of these positions are paid. Students participate in the research design, data gathering, data analysis, writing up results, and presenting results are conferences. For more information about these, check the faculty pages.

Study Away

Study away programs offer students a chance to benefit from living and learning in a new place. Keene State hosts students from all across the USA and the world. Popular places for environmental studies students to study away at are Alaska, Montana, Nepal, and Australia, to name a few. Classes taken at colleges away count for credit at Keene State College.

The Global Education Office maintains a website with a list of all pre-approved transfer courses, but more can be added upon demand.